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10 Authentic Indonesian Purwokerto Foods

10 Typical Foods of Purwokerto Authentic Indonesia – Purwakarta is a district in West Java Province, this district is bordered by Karawang Regency in the West and part of the North, Subang Regency in the North and parts of the East, West Bandung Regency in the South, and Cianjur in the Southwest.

Purwokerjo also has special foods that are very interesting for us to taste, one of the famous Purwokerto specialties is sate maranggi, namely satay made from beef, right away, here is a list of typical foods from Purwokerto from Indonesia:

1. Sate Maranggi

Sate Maranggi

This Purwokerto maranggi satay is indeed different from other satays. The raw materials use beef and young goat. The meat is seasoned with spices before being grilled over coals. The roasting process is carried out perfectly so that the resulting meat feels tender. When served, the satay is not given peanut sauce but soy sauce mixed with shallots, garlic, and mashed cayenne pepper. Then add sliced ​​​​fresh tomatoes or commonly called pickled tomatoes. The combination of sweet soy sauce, sour and spicy was immediately felt on the tongue.

2. Colenak


Colenak is a typical Purwokerto food made from peuyeum which is given a sweet spice made from coconut and brown sugar or commonly called enten-enten then given a sprinkling of roasted crispy nuts.

3. Simping People

Side of the People

sideways is a typical food from the Purwakarta area, West Java. Siming of this tribe is in the form of a flat sheet, thin round, generally white, Siming of this tribe has a savory taste. This food is made from rice flour that is given some spices. Simping is similar to the sheet used to clamp the cotton candy (rambutan). Simping consists of several flavors including: cheese, kencur, ginger, strawberry, chocolate, jackfruit, pandan. if you go to purwokerto don’t forget to try it,

4. Opaque


Opak Purwokerto is usually made from rice flour. The basic ingredients for making opaque are rice flour, salt, sugar, and other seasonings. Then the basic ingredients are mixed into a dough. The dough is then dried. After drying, it is then roasted over coals , The nutrients contained in opaque are carbohydrates .

5. Rengginang


This rengginang food made from sticky rice that is steamed and then flattened, then dried in the sun to dry. After drying this rengginang can be fried until cooked. The taste of this rangginang is savory, this rengginang is usually a snack food for the people of Purwokerto, this rengginang also has a fragrant aroma and tastes crunchy when bitten. There are usually 2 kinds of rangginang, some are made of white sticky rice and some are made of black sticky rice.

6. Lompong Cake

Lompt cake

This lompong cake is a cake made from a mixture of glutinous rice flour, coconut sugar, and granulated sugar with peanuts filled in it. Lompong cake is interesting because it looks like a cow’s eye cake but is black in color. Taro or lompong which is crushed and mixed into the cake batter makes the cake black. As a wrapper for this cake, banana leaves are dried or can be called klaras.

7. Carang gesing

Carang gesing

Carang gesing is a compote of raw coconut milk and sliced ​​bananas together in ditum (wrapped leaves per serving) then steamed like steamed pepes, after it is cooked it is removed, eat it by opening the leaves and inside the compote but steamed with a rice steamer. It smells good because the pandan leaves smell good.

8. Rice Megono

Megono Rice

Nasi Megono is urap rice mixed with young coconut and vegetables/kuluban, this menu was used as a complete offering when going to Wiwit, starting to harvest rice, with a small traditional ceremony for the Purwokerto community.

9. Geblek


Geblek is a food made from cassava flour shaped like a ring, fried savory usually served hot with pecel seasoning.



This lanting food has almost the same material and shape as geblek, only it is smaller in size. After being fried, the lanting feels harder than geblek. However, it still tastes delicious and crunchy.

How many typical foods of Purwokerto are there? . ok buddy, typical Porwokerto food is indeed a lot and very interesting again or maybe even more if you visit Purwokerto itself, in West Java, apart from the typical food of Purwokerto, there is also Sukabumi food which is no less delicious.

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