10 Best Android Head Units 2021: Modern Sophisticated Entertainment

By | Maret 20, 2021
10 Best Android Head Units 2021 - Modern Sophisticated Entertainment

The best Android head unit recommendation for 2021, an abundant source of entertainment on the go. The big screen, powerful features, and affordable price!

The head unit or what is commonly known as the car ‘radio’ is the command center for the car audio system.

This device has entertainment features that allow you to adjust the volume, determine a particular song or select a radio station you want to listen to, play a CD / DVD, connect a Bluetooth connection, USB, Aux-In, to navigation.

10 Best Android Head Units 2021 - Modern Sophisticated Entertainment

10 Best Android Head Units 2021 – Modern Sophisticated Entertainment

Without the entertainment features of the head unit, your trip might feel more boring, especially when you are facing traffic jams.

This device itself is divided into several types according to standard sizes that are universally enforced. However, there is one new type that is somewhat more sophisticated. Namely, the head unit with the Android operating system is now in great demand.

Best and Cheap Android Head Units 2021

Android car head units are now increasingly loved because they have a variety of exciting entertainment features that can accompany Toppers’ trips. Besides, it can also function as a smartphone. The following are recommendations for Android head units ranging from cheap to branded:

1. Orca ADR-1088 – 10 Inch

Best Android Head Units Orca ADR-1088 – 10 Inch

Best Android Head Units Orca ADR-1088 – 10 Inch

The Orca ADR-1088 head unit is an Android 10 head unit that has Quad-Core specifications with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

The Orca ADR-1088 has a 10-inch screen that includes standard features, such as FM radio, Bluetooth, USB, and a video player.

The advantage of this head unit is that you can install a navigation application directly by connecting to Wi-Fi.

2. Nakamichi NA-3102i Android – 9 Inch

Nakamichi NA-3102i or known as NAM 5210 in the global market is a Double DIN head unit that can be used universally in all vehicle models.

This head unit is equipped with features such as navigation, DSP, 4G connection, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and steering wheel control for direct access to all entertainment features.

Its Bluetooth feature will make it easier for you to do hands-free calling, play music, videos, and even photos.

3. Sansui SA5200i Android – 9 Inch

Best Android Head Units Sansui SA5200i Android – 9 Inch

Best Android Head Units Sansui SA5200i Android – 9 Inch

The Sansui SA5200i Android head unit with a 9-inch deckless 2.5D capacitive touch screen LCD screen is integrated with Android OS 10, which is equipped with RGB LED button illumination.

This device has a built-in GPS, wireless mirror link for Android and IOS, Bluetooth, supports Wi-Fi, USB DVR, steering wheel control, to a subwoofer output.

Its complete features and competitive prices make the head unit an option.

4. Intersys IDT-9155 – 9 Inch

Intersys IDT-9155 is the head unit of Android OS 9.0 Pie with the split-screen. This head unit has a 9-inch full glass capacitive touch panel screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels.

This head unit is equipped with FM radio, smartphone mirroring for Android, built-in Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to support internet access.

5. Android Embassy Head Unit – 10 Inch

Best Android Head Unit Android Embassy – 10 Inch

Best Android Head Unit Android Embassy – 10 Inch

This Double DIN Embassy head unit with a screen size of 10.1 inches is integrated with the Android 8.1 OS and has 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

Equipped with a display resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels, AM / FM RDS radio, Bluetooth 4.0, USB / SD, 1080P video decoder, music, and video player.

This Embassy head unit also features streaming, navigation, Android and IOS links, a front camera, and steering wheel control to make it easier to adjust audio while traveling.

6. MTech MM-8803 T3 – 7 Inch

The MTech Head Unit Double Din MM-8803 has a 6.8-inch capacitive touch screen. With an internal Bluetooth connection A2DP function, automatic rearview camera, and can support a front camera.

This head unit also has FM / AM radio, USB, built-in GPS navigation by KNAV, MKV / AVI / MP4 full HD 1080P, and MP3 / WMA / WAV.

One of the advantages of this head unit is that it is affordable but still provides premium quality entertainment.

7. Mirai MR-XP9 – 9 Inch

The Mirai MR-XP9 head unit is equipped with a 9-inch full glass capacitive TFT touch panel based on Android which has internet accessibility.

Equipped with Quad Core A-7 and 1.2 GB memory. This head unit can support the use of Wi-Fi, MT6225 BT4.0 + A2DP Bluetooth, Mp3 / Mp4 1080p via USB, a rearview camera, and steering wheel control.

This device also has a smartphone mirroring and online navigation that can help travel.

8. Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT – 7 Inch

The Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT has a 6.8-inch HD capacitive touchscreen that supports a 24-bit true-color panel and the best audio performance.

Besides, this head unit also features Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Dual Bluetooth connection, and dual cameras.

You can also use some entertainment features, such as Spotify, USB, FM / AM tuner, and Bluetooth music streaming to accompany your trip.

9. Kenwood DDX-9019S – 7 Inch

Kenwood DDX-9019S is an upgrade from the DDX-9018S series. This head unit has a 6.8-inch HD LED capacitive touch screen with high-resolution audio.

Equipped with Android wireless mirroring, customized multi-screen widgets, and Bluetooth A2DP which allows you to do hands-free calling and stream music from your smartphone.

The main feature of this head unit is Apple CarPlay & Android Auto which allows you to use several applications directly from your smartphone, you know.

10. Asuka AK-2000 – 10 Inch

This Asuka head unit has a capacitive touch screen measuring 10 inches which are integrated with Android OS 9.0 Pie.

The capacity is quite large, namely 4GB Ram and 32GB of internal storage. Its large capacity will make your internet connection run fast.

Besides, this head unit is also equipped with an air mirror link feature that allows you to connect it to Android and iOS smartphones.