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Home 10 How To Setup Router: Steps To Use It At Home

10 How To Setup Router: Steps To Use It At Home

10 How To Setup Router Steps To Use It At Home

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Check out how to set up a wifi router with the following easy steps! It does not require a lot of equipment and is cheap to implement on your own.

“Free WiFi,” the magic post that can attract large numbers of people. Because in this day and age, almost everyone needs the internet. So this is used as an attraction for cafes, places to eat, and even stalls on the side of the road.

Besides, this is also a mandatory requirement to be installed at home. Because you are embarrassed, not if you have to keep ‘hitchhiking’ on the internet, especially at a neighbor’s house?

So for that, it’s better to install your WiFi router!

How to set up a WiFi router at home

10 How To Setup Router Steps To Use It At Home

10 How To Setup Router Steps To Use It At Home

Before or after you buy it, it’s a good idea to know how to install the router. Come on, please refer to the installation steps below:

1. Connect the Modem with the Router

First, plug in the jack cable on the router then plug the cable into a wall outlet. Connect a LAN cable to the WAN port on the Router to the LAN port on the Modem. Make sure everything is installed correctly.

Before connecting the device with a wired network, make sure the router has recognized the modem device.

2. Connect the computer to the router

After that, connect the router to the computer with a LAN cable. Insert the LAN cable into the computer’s LAN port and connect it to the LAN port on the router.

For a stable connection, do not use a WiFi connection from the router for installation, because Wi-Fi is not configured properly.

3. Open Router Admin and Log In

After everything is connected, turn on the computer and enter the web browse. Enter the router address to enter the router admin. Then enter your username and password.

To find out the router admin address, you can see it in the router manual. You can also do this by using the installation CD that is included in the package with the router.

4. Enter Information Regarding Internet Connection

Next, you need to enter data and router configuration according to the provider you are using to connect to the internet.

Also, check if the internet, ethernet, etc. lights on the router are on properly.

5. Router Settings

Finally, do other settings on your router. We recommend that you do not use the default name of the router for security you can change the SSID name.

You also need to set other security to be safe from hackers. You can use the WPA2 Wireless Encryption feature, but make sure beforehand that the router supports this feature.

How to use a router

Once installed, surely you will immediately use it, right? also summarized how to use and a few tips for using the router:

6. Perform Cable Installation

Before you can access WiFi in your home, the first thing you need to do after buying a router is to install it. Install the cables provided.

Connect the cables according to the directions in points one and two. Of course, you need to make sure that the cables are attached correctly.

7. Perform Router Installation

After everything is installed, the next thing is you need to install the router. For the router to work, you need to configure the router.

You can do this by entering the IP address or via the installation CD provided.

8. Turn on the router

When you want to use WiFi, of course, you need to turn on the router to use it. When turning on the router, make sure every light is green which indicates the router is running well.

If you experience problems with the router, immediately contact the provider of the router.

9. Connect Network to Device

After the router turns on, if your device is not connected to the router network then you need to make settings so that it can connect. Make sure you connect your device to WiFi at home, enter the WiFi password.

After that WiFi will be connected to the device. WiFi will also automatically connect when the new device turns on or if you just turned on the WiFi.

10. Reboot if your connection is interrupted

If the device can’t connect to WiFi, the first step you need to do is reboot the router and turn off WiFi on the device.

Then do “Forget Network” so that WiFi is deleted from the list of WiFi connections. If so, re-connect the home WiFi connection with your device again.

Now you will understand how to install and use a WiFi router. It is quite easy to install the router yourself, not as complicated as it seems. With a router, you will be more productive at home.