10 Most Optimal Compulsory Sports Equipment at Home

By | Maret 22, 2021

Do you want your body to always be healthy and fit, but too lazy to exercise outside? Complete the following recommendations for the best home exercise equipment!

Many of us are lazy to do sports activities when done outdoors. Apart from being lazy to move, outdoor sports also require more time.

For that, the solution for those of you who want to stay healthy, but are too busy and don’t have much time is to do sports at home. With this indoor exercise, you can save more time and it is practical to do.

10 Most Optimal Compulsory Sports Equipment at Home

10 Most Optimal Compulsory Sports Equipment at Home

So, what exercise should you do at home? Check out the complete mandatory recommendations below!

1. Dumbell

If you are not brave enough to try lifting weights, you can work around this by using dumbbells to train arm strength. The dumbbell is smaller and shorter than a barbell, and can only be used for one hand.

The size of the dumbbells also varies, ranging from 2-10 kg, depending on your abilities

2. Yoga Mat

Yoga helps relax your body as well as shape your body to be more beautiful. You don’t need to do complicated yoga, it’s quite simple, for example, meditating poses, child poses, cobra poses, and others.

Don’t forget to use a yoga mat to support your sports activities. Besides being simple, this activity doesn’t take up much space at home, so you can do it anywhere.

3. Skipping Rope

This sport is not that expensive, you only have to provide a rubber band which will later be made into a rope. Apart from that, you can also use a skipping rope.

It is enough to find a large place in the house. Like a terrace, garden or balcony, then you can do this sport. If routine, jumping rope will strengthen the muscles in the legs.

4. Gym Ball

When a conventional abdominal exercise program makes you bored, you can try exercising to shrink your stomach by using a gym ball.

Exercise programs using a gym ball can help shrink the stomach, especially for women, so that the stomach is not only smaller and slimmer but also has muscles.

5. Resistance Band

There are no definite rules about sports with a resistance band. However, not much different from other sports, you can adjust the duration according to your body condition.

For example, if you are used to exercising or not. Make sure you warm up before doing sports with the resistance band.

6. Static Bicycles

Cycling is a sports activity by pedaling. By cycling, it can strengthen legs, improve health and burn calories.

Now, this exercise can be done at home, namely on a stationary bicycle. This tool has many benefits, from reducing stress levels and improving mood, to overcoming dangerous diseases, you know!

7. Treadmill

The first exercise that is easy to do at home is jogging. Even though jogging is synonymous with running, you don’t need to go around the house.

Simply running on the spot while watching television is also possible. Do this activity for at least 10 minutes every day. So, this sports activity can be done more fun right?

8. Pull Up Bar

Pull-ups are a sport that is in demand by men because they can help build body muscles. It turns out that this pull-up tool can also be done by women. The movements can be done simply.

First, position your body like hanging your hands and reach for the bar that has been provided. Next, try to lift the body so that the chin is parallel to the bar.

9. Boxing Bag

A punching bag can be a tool for exercising at home, which in addition to making us sweat, can also be an emotional “outlet”. With this, you can let off steam without hurting anyone.

You can also use Samsak as a self-defense exercise which is of course very important if one day we are in a dangerous situation that threatens life.

10. Portable Basketball Ring

The game of basketball is one of the great ball games that is almost as popular as soccer. However, soccer is more popular almost all over the world, unlike the famous basketball game from only a few countries.

Doing light exercise, you can install a portable basketball hoop in your yard. So there is no need to look for a large field anymore.

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