10 Types of Cake Pan: Different Forms, Different Functions

By | Oktober 28, 2021
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Making cakes at home is easier by knowing the types and functions of cake pans. Different forms, different functions! Check out the explanation.

Types of Cake Pan – When guests arrive or want to give gifts to relatives and family, cakes are often an option. Many of us decide to make our cakes at home. However, there are still many who do not know about the types and functions of the cake pan.

Different types and forms have different functions. Cake pans do have a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions. Like a cake pan for making sponge cakes, pastries, brownies, donuts, and so on.

In order not to get confused, let’s look at the explanation of several types of pans and their functions.

Types of cake pans and their functions

To be maximal when making cakes, you need to know the types and functions of the pans. Is it according to the size and type of cake you are going to make or not? The following is an explanation of several types of cake pans and their functions!

1. Angel Food Cake Pan

Has a tube-like design with a hollow center. The shape of this pan makes heat conduction more even. For those of you who want to make tubular and volume cakes, this one-pan is suitable for choice.

This pan is suitable for cooking sponge cakes or angel food. The surface is non-sticky, making it easier to lift the ripe cake and make the cake rise perfectly. The leg of this sponge cake pan helps the cake to cool faster when turned or poured into a serving plate.

2. Bread Loaf Pan

This pan is deep enough to make the cake rise high enough. Suitable for cooking sponge cakes, puddings, and also bread.

It is evenly heated and is great for baking cakes at a low temperature, so the results are more optimal.

3. Baking Dish

For beginners in making cakes, it is advisable to use this type of baking sheet. This pan is used to cook pastries, cookies, and others.

It has a flat shape and has a frame on the edge of the pan, which of course can prevent the liquid or dough from spreading and spilling when baked.

A baking sheet that has a height of approximately 3 cm, can ensure that the cake dough is crispier and cooks evenly.

4. Roll Pan

The shape and design of this roll pan are almost similar to a baking dish. However, this roll pan is specifically used for those of you who want to make rolls. Has a height of 2.5 cm which is adjusted to the height of the rolled cake.

This cake pan will give a wavy rolled texture and make the cake look more attractive.

5. Cake Pan

This pan is very commonly used. You can make cakes in various shapes. Such as the shape of a square, round, rectangle, heart, and so on according to taste.

Generally, the size of this cake pan is 20 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm, suitable for making marble sponge cakes, layer cakes, and other types of cakes.

6. Muffin Pan

Want to make a cake with an acute and cute appearance? Muffins can be one idea! This muffin pan or muffin pan is devoted to baking muffins.

Has the size and round shape that is following the size of a muffin in general. You only need to cover the pan with muffin paper, then pour the dough on top.

The size of this muffin pan also varies, there is enough to bake 6 muffin doughs to 48 muffins.

7. Pie Pan

It’s easier to make a pie with a special pie pan. It has a round shape with serrated edges that make the pie look more attractive and beautiful.

The sides are deliberately tilted to prevent the pie crust from falling or falling.

8. Springform Pan

Maybe you are more familiar with the pop-up pan, this pan has a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 10 cm.

This Spring Form Pan has a lock on the side that keeps the dough from spilling out when baked. This lock can also be removed, making it easier to remove the cooked dough.

Suitable for cooking cheesecakes, quiche, tortes, and so on.

9. Tart Pan

Has a straight shape with wavy sides. It makes it easy for the dough crust to dry completely and the cake shape looks good.

The bottom of the pan can be removed so that the tarts can be removed more easily without ruining the appearance of the cake.

10. Pizza Pan

Like to make your pizza at home? You must have this one baking dish! It has a flat shape with very short edges. The diameter of this pan can usually be adjusted according to the size of the pizza you want when it is cooked.

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