11 Best Car Tire Brands: Cheap to Premium Quality – Review Buying guide

By | November 20, 2021

Recommendations for the best car tire brands that are suitable in all climates and are anti-slip. Ranging from cheap to premium quality.

Tires are the most important component in a car. The reason is, the tires provide stability in driving. To achieve comfort, of course, you have to choose quality tires that are tailored to the character of the engine, as well as the terrain on which you are traveling.

The use of the right tires is believed to improve car performance and add value to the aesthetics of the car. Even though it seems trivial, choosing the right car tire can avoid the danger of an accident.

Then, what car tire brands are reliable, have affordable prices, and match the character of your car?

Best and Quality Car Tire Brands

There are many car brands that you can make as a reference and also adjusted to your budget and needs. Here are some recommendations for the best car tire brands, including:

1. Accelera

Accelera tires have an elegant appearance in terms of design.

Not only the famous Phi tire model, but other tire models are no less good, such as Plush, X-Grip, Eco, Accelera Alpha, and others.

In terms of quality, this tire deserves a thumbs up because it has strong traction and good durability.

The Accelera tire series has a sport-type tire that is perfect for everyday life.

2. Achilles

Achilles is a tire manufacturer that often releases innovations for the manufacture of car tires.

The quality of this tire brand does not need to be doubted, because this tire brand has been used by world-class car racers.

No need to worry, Archilles already has branches in Indonesia and is growing quite rapidly, so you don’t need to worry about being able to experience world-class car tire brands.

3. Bridgestone

One of the well-known manufacturers who are known to produce high-quality car tires.

Bridgestone uses a lot of sheet cords to be used as a frame for tires.

Besides, the quality and curves of this car tire brand are made more stylish and functional so that they are not slippery.

The price is also varied and quite competitive with other car tire brands on the market.

4. Goodyear

This well-known car tire manufacturer provides various types and models of tires.

Using the Goodyear car tire brand can give your car a smoother performance.

This tire manufacturer has launched its newest product called Assurance Triplemax 2.

This new Goodyear tire model is claimed to have a strong traction ability even on wet roads.

5. Hankook

This famous car tire manufacturer from Ginseng country ranks 7th as the largest tire company in the world.

One of the top products from Hankook is the Dynapro HT RH12 225/65 R17.

The advantage of this tire brand is that the material is designed by embedding four circular grooves.

To prevent tires from aquaplanning when on wet roads.

6. GT Radial

This car tire brand is one of the best car tire brands in Indonesia because it is one of the main sponsors in various circuit events including Formula F1.

So that in terms of quality and durability offered no doubt.

GT Radial offers the ability to maintain stability when driving with the Champiro BXT Plus 185/70 type with sizes starting from R13.

7. Michelin

This well-known tire brand manufacturer is often used by high-class premium cars. However, the innovations presented by car tire brands are very well known.

Michelin tires are known for their durability, sound suppression, and good grip during braking.

Because it is equipped with Michelin Silica Rain Technology. Besides, this tire brand is also known to be one of the most durable.

8. Dunlop

This famous car tire brand has tire quality that is well known and recognized in the country.

The reason is, this Dunlop brand car tire has a softer compound and has a relatively perfect damping strength.

So, this can increase the feeling of comfort to the maximum when driving.

9. Yokohama

The Yokohama tire brand provides many variations on the type and model of tires according to your needs.

Starting from sports car tires to passenger car tires. This tire brand has also participated as a sponsor in several F1 and MotoGP championship series.

Especially the competition in Japan which proves that this tire brand is of good quality.

10. Pirelli

This car tire brand is perfect if you like traveling or racing.

This tire brand focuses on driver comfort and safety. This Italian tire company continues to innovate by offering advantages.

Like the Pirelli Cinturato P1 245 / 40R17 91W tire model which has the extraordinary build quality and super sturdy resistance.

11. Continental

This well-known car tire brand has long been in Indonesia for premium class cars by having a Run Flat-Tire (RFT) tire model.

This car tire brand originates from Germany and has become an official premium tire company sponsor of well-known competitions such as Euro 2012 and Fifa World Cup 2014.

The Continental car tire brand itself originates from Germany and is headquartered in the city of Hanover.

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