11 Best USB Cables: Fast and Protect Gadgets from Damage

By | April 7, 2021
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Recommendations for the best data cable brands to support daily activities and certainly safe to use for favorite gadgets.

The data cable is one of the important items to support the performance of your gadget. Even though it looks the same, it turns out that the data cable and charger cable have differences. The charging cable has a function and designs specially made for charging.

best micro usb cable,best cable brand,best charger brand

best micro usb cable,best cable brand,best charger brand

While the data cable, in addition to charging the cellphone or laptop battery, can also be used to transfer and receive data from your cellphone to your device or vice versa.

It turns out that this universal serial bus (USB) cable user is also very influential in keeping your smartphone durable, you know!

Best Data / USB Cable Brands

Therefore, choose the original brand, make sure the specifications are following your device, and look for a strong cable material to make it durable. The following are recommendations for the best data cables complete with explanations and prices:

1. Wsken X-Cable Mini 2

Comes with a futuristic design and magnetic features, making the Wsken X-Cable Mini 2 the target of smartphone users.

Besides having fast charging and power-saving technology, this Android charger cable supports synchronization of USB 2.0 data charging.

The magnetic plate part is made of tin-coated copper material which releases heat faster and is antioxidant so it is durable and does not rust easily.

The use of the magnetic connector in addition to reducing abrasion because often pulls the cable as well as a dustproof plug.

2. Aukey CB-CD5

One of the leading German technology manufacturers Aukey has a wide range of products including high-quality USB cables. The advantage of this product is the data transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps.

Besides, the use of an aluminum casing combined with anodic oxidation technology makes the heat spread more evenly and less. Thus allowing for faster cooling compared to other products.

Aukey CB-CD5 is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and USB Type-C power sources.

3. McDodo Lightning Cable

Some iPhone users may feel frustrated by the problem of a USB cable that breaks quickly. Maybe McDodo Lightning Cable can be the solution to solve this problem.

Made of Zinc Alloy Cable material which makes it very flexible and strong, thus extending the service life of the cable even though it is often coiled.

This cable is also equipped with a fast-charging feature and that is, the iPhone charges up to 40% faster than the normal cable.

McDodo Lightning Cable is available in 4 attractive color variants, namely tiffany, gold, red, and blue.

4. Anker Powerline Lightning

Anker Powerline Lightning is a compatible USB cable for Apple MFi-certified iPhones.

This cable is equipped with advanced technology that allows you to charge faster and safer.

The advantage of Anker products is that they have a very sturdy cable construction reinforced by the use of bullet-proof aramid fibers, having resistance up to 5,000 times the curve without showing any damage.

Anker itself is a leading brand from the United States that has proven its quality.

5. Remax USB Type-C RC-044A

Often rewinding the charger cable can be one of the factors that make the USB cable quickly damaged.

For this reason, Remax RC-044A issued a charger model with a flat and flat cable design, so it is not easily twisted when rolling it.

Priced at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the cable, Remax is one of the leading smartphone accessories manufacturers.

The charger cable is made with high-quality materials, thus extending the service life of the Remax RC-044A charger cable.

6. Vivan FM100

The Vivan FM100 USB cable supports fast charging capabilities up to a maximum of 2.4 A currents.

Equipped with a special spring feature on each cable curve, so that the cable is not easily damaged even though it is often coiled or unplugged.

Besides, this cable from Vivan is made with a thermoplastic elastomeric material that has an elastic texture suitable for everyday use.

The Vivan FM100 USB cable has the advantage of being able to charge and transfer data very fast.

7. McDodo LED 90 Light

Another best data cable brand from McDodo products is 90 Degree Lighting. This cable is designed with an anti-winding design, so it is safe from dents during everyday use.

This USB cable is equipped with an LED which is comfortable to use at night or in the dark.

Besides, the McDodo LED 90 Light is made of nylon braided material supported by a strong aluminum casing which has a bending life of up to 5,000 times.

8. Magnetic Cable Micro USB NetDot Gen 10

If you are interested in a magnetic model USB cable, Magnetic Cable Micro USB NetDot Gen 10 can be a choice.

This cable is made using the latest technology with better compatibility and stability than the previous version.

Magnetic Cable Micro USB NetDot Gen 10 supports fast Android smartphone charging, which is 9V / 2A.

The connector that is attached can also protect the gadget from dust and dirt.

9. Ugreen MFI Lightning to USB Cable Alloy Braided

Ugreen Lightning to USB is the best USB cable brand that also has MF certification, this cable supports power delivery and synchronization of high-speed charging up to 3A.

Having a Type-C connector, this cable is compatible with AirPods Pro, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 Pro, and MacBook.

This data cable also supports the use of Huawei MateBook, Google Chromebook, Xiaomi Notebook Air, HP EliteBook to Lenovo ThinkPad devices.

10. Baseus Cafule Series

If you are looking for a good and durable USB cable, try this one product. Baseus Cafule Series USB cable Made of Aluminum Alloy material with high tightness so that it is anti-wear.

This product is also equipped with the 2A Quick feature, allowing you to charge your cellphone in a short time.

Besides, the Baseus Cafule Series USB cable has a very fast data transmission speed of up to 480 Mbps.

There is also a Smart IC Chip technology that protects cables from high current voltages.

11. Mazer Alu Dura

Apart from being able to charge and transfer data very quickly, USB Maze Alu Dura has another advantage.

Namely, both ends of the cable are made using aluminum material to reduce electromagnetic wave interference.

This cable also has a lighting feature that can be used on the latest iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices as well as various devices that still use micro USB.

And of course, last but not least, USB Maze Alu Dura is safe to use on your mobile device.

Choosing an original product, besides getting a more durable data cable, also avoids damage to your device.