12 Best Daikin Air Conditioners: Features and Benefits

By | April 13, 2021
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Looking for a quality air conditioner with various types? Here are the recommendations for the best Daikin type of air conditioner. Check out the features and advantages, complete!

Room temperature cooler or commonly called AC (Air Conditioner) is one of the household electronic products that are now mandatory in the home. Not only in the bedroom, workspace, and living room sometimes also need air conditioning as air conditioning in this tropical country.

Various brands of AC are very easy to find, one of which is Daikin. However, sometimes we are confused about what kind of air conditioner is suitable and needed at home. Is it AC 1/2 Paard Kracht, 1 Paard Kracht, or 2 Paard Kracht? But, what does PK (Paard Kracht) mean to AC? PK stands for Paard Kracht or horsepower, which is the amount of power needed by an air conditioner to cool a room.

the advantages of ac daikin, daikin indonesia, ac daikin 1/2 pk, ac daikin price, ac daikin 1 pk, daikin service center, ac daikin 2 pk, difference ac daikin malaysia and thailand

the advantages of ac daikin, daikin indonesia, ac daikin 1/2 pk, ac daikin price, ac daikin 1 pk, daikin service center, ac daikin 2 pk, difference ac daikin malaysia and thailand

Well, Daikin offers various types of air conditioners that you can choose according to your needs. Starting from AC Daikin 1/2 PK, AC Daikin 1 PK, or also AC Daikin 2 PK.

Best Daikin AC

So that you don’t get confused in choosing which Daikin AC suits your needs, here are some choices and also the price of Daikin AC, complete! Check out the following reviews!

1. AC Daikin Urusara 7 Freon R32 (FTXZ-NVM4 Series) Review

The first best Daikin AC model is the R32 Urusara 7. This inverter-tech AC is claimed to be sophisticated and save electricity. Available in a choice of AC Daikin 1 pk, 1.5 pk, and 2 pk.

Has a feature that can clean the AC filter on its own. The air that is released can rotate around the room and is equipped with this Urusara 7 air conditioner fin which makes the wind blow directly upward. This Daikin air conditioner blowing reaches the next 12 meters, you know!

Equipped with Plasma Electric Discharge in its Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Filter which can kill bacteria more effectively. Plus, it can also adjust the humidity temperature in the room so that the air circulation in the room remains healthy.

2. AC Daikin European Design Freon R32 (FTKJ-GVM4 Series) Review

This Daikin Inverter AC is available with a capacity of 1 PK to 2 PK. Wrapped in an elegant, unique, attractive design, and shows a beautiful air fin.

The power consumption is quite low, starting from 250 Watt to 1,530 Watt, depending on the AC capacity you choose.

Available in two color choices, namely white and silver. Equipped with an optional additional Wi-Fi feature that can be hidden inside the air conditioner, so that it is not visible from the outside.

You can adjust the temperature and turn on / off the air conditioner only with your favorite smartphone. You only need to install the application and can immediately operate it as long as you are connected to the internet.

3. AC Daikin FTC25NV14 review

AC Daikin 1 PK can be the right choice to cool the family room. Requires an electric power of approximately 780 Watts.

Has the advantage of using a power mode, which is a fast cooling mode that only takes 20 minutes!

4. AC Daikin FTV20CXV14 review

AC Daikin ¾ PK is suitable for those of you who live in a studio apartment. Has the ability to cool the room evenly with quite complete features.

These features include self-diagnosis that can adjust the needs of room cooling during the day or night. So that you will be comfortable all day long in a small room.

5. AC Daikin FTP15AV14 review

Sleep and rest time will be of higher quality with this good Daikin air conditioner. With a low voltage of only 180 volts with 390 watts of electric power, it is efficient enough to cool the room in the house.

Equipped with a 3D Airflow feature that can cool the room evenly.

6. AC Daikin 1PK FTKQ25SV review

Has a practical and energy-efficient inverter method in air conditioners. This Daikin air conditioner can cool a room on a medium to large scale. Even so, the electric power used is still efficient. This inverter AC requires 180 watts of power to cool the room statically.

Suitable to be placed in large rooms, such as the family room, living room, and workspace.

7. AC Daikin FTV 15BXV14 review

It is classified as one of the energy-efficient air conditioners because it has features that tend to be complete and increase the comfort of activities.

If you have a minimalist home and room, this Daikin AC series is the right choice. The sound from the air conditioner is not noisy so it is comfortable and does not interfere with your daily activities.

8. Review of AC Daikin ½ PK FTNE 15 MV14

Saving electricity and evenly cooling the room is synonymous with Daikin AC. The AC Daikin 1/2 PK series saves electricity because it only requires 380 Watts.

Even though it is placed in a large-scale room, this 1/2 PK AC is still able to cool the room evenly and stay cool!.

9. AC Daikin FTKC 25 PVM review

One of the factors in choosing the best air conditioner is that in addition to saving energy, it must also be environmentally friendly. One of the options for environmentally friendly air conditioners is AC Daikin.

Features a titanium air filter and air purifier, so this Daikin air conditioner provides better quality, cleaner and healthier air cooling.

This air conditioner is also able to cool the room without giving a noisy sound, only producing 22 decibels of sound, you know!

10.AC Daikin 1PK FTC Review 25

The best choice for air conditioning at home with a capacity of 1 PK, falls on this Daikin AC! Has low electrical power and can adjust the cooling of the room.

Not only is it superior in its cooling process, but this AC is also able to cool the room extra with dual power! It is very suitable to be air conditioning at home during the summer. You can’t feel the scorching heat

11. AC Daikin ½ PK Thailand FTC Review 15

Suitable as AC at home, this Daikin 1/2 PK AC is also suitable for those of you who live in studio apartments.

This Thai-made air conditioner is suitable for a narrow room-scale with maximum cooling. It is also equipped with Econo technology and the Nanosystem which can produce clean and healthy air.

12. Daikin Inverter AC Review ¾ PK FTKQ 20

Suitable for use as air conditioning in the bedroom on a large enough scale. If you have a king-size home at home, this Daikin air conditioner is the right choice!

Equipped with flash inverter technology that can cool the room evenly, save power, and quickly.

By using this air conditioner, you can save on everyday electricity costs.