12 Best WiFi Router Brands: Fast and Stable Internet

By | April 5, 2021

Recommendations for the best router brands that make sure the internet is smooth. Fast and stable connection to meet all online needs.

In this day and age, every day we cannot be separated from using the internet on smartphones and laptops for work, looking for the latest information, playing games, or just opening our favorite social media.

This requires a fast and stable internet connection for your convenience while doing these activities.

How to get internet access easily on every gadget is to use a wireless network or what is commonly called WiFi. It uses a router so that it can be used on various gadgets.

Best and Fastest WiFi Router Brands

Best and Fastest WiFi Router Brands

Best and Fastest WiFi Router Brands

Therefore, you need the best WiFi router so that you can enjoy fast and stable internet access without obstacles. For those of you who are looking for the best WiFi router brand, here are the recommendations:

1. Netgear WiFi router

Best and Fastest Wifi Router – Netgear
The best WiFi router brand NETGEAR offers WiFi router products with super fast connections.

NETGEAR realizes that nowadays, every home requires a strong and stable WiFi connection to be used by several devices at once.

For this reason, NETGEAR provides the fastest WiFi router options for the needs of every home.

2. Huawei WiFi router

Best and Fastest Wifi Router – Huawei
Huawei WiFi Router is the best multifunctional WiFi router. You can enjoy internet access using this modem in two ways.

Namely by connecting with the cable provided by the internet provider at your home and by inserting the SIM card of various operators available in Indonesia.

This modem also supports 4G networks, so it has faster internet access.

3. TP-Link Wireless Router

the best and fastest wifi router brand – tp-link
TP-Link WiFi router is one of the most widely used wireless router brands in Indonesia.

This is because the TP-Link WiFi Router has many product variants at an affordable price.

Besides, this router is also the default router for one of the internet providers in Indonesia, so there is no need to doubt its quality.

4. D-Link WiFi router

Best and Fastest Wifi Router – D-Link
The D-Link WiFi Router brand is also one of the most widely used WiFi router brands for Indonesians.

This WiFi router is very popular because it has various features and is priced at an affordable price.

Like the Repeater mode feature, which allows you to extend the range of the wireless network to reach your entire home.

5. Tenda WiFi Router

the best and fastest brand of wifi router -tent
This best WiFi router brand provides a superior product for a sophisticated WiFi router.

The flagship product The Tenda WiFi Router supports the 5th generation 802.11 ac WiFi standard and dual-band speeds of up to 1167 Mbps! Router

WiFi Tenda also has twice the ability of WiFi through walls than routers in general.

6. Xiaomi WiFi router

Xiaomi wifi router
Who doesn’t know the Xiaomi brand?

The smartphone brand that has been popular lately turns out to also provide home electronic products, including WiFi routers.

The Xiaomi WiFi Router offers a fast and stable internet connection for all corners of your home.

It is perfect for the use of the whole family at home.

7. Asus WiFi router

Asus wifi router Best
This brand is known for having the best gaming laptop products also provides a quality WiFi router with extraordinary capabilities.

One of the flagship WiFi router products from Asus has dual-band capability with speeds of up to 1.9 Gbps!

Coupled with AiProtection security features for your safety when surfing the internet.

8. Trendnet WiFi router

Best trendnet wifi router
The next best WiFi router is the Trendnet WiFi Router. This WiFi router has a high-power amplifier to maximize the WiFi network coverage.

This router also has a fast wireless connection which is 1300 Mbps AC + 450 Mbps N bands.

Coupled with a USB 3.0 share port that you can use to share files at speeds up to 5 Gbps!

9. Linksys WiFi router

Best Linksys wifi router
The next best WiFi router brand recommendation comes from the Linksys brand.

This brand from the United States has experienced since 1988 in providing networking hardware products.

The Linksys WiFi router offers a variety of interesting features such as Parental Control to manage time and track children’s activities while surfing the internet.

10. Synology WiFi router

Best synology wifi router
Synology is the next best WiFi router brand. This WiFi router is intended for home and office use.

By using the latest wireless technology, 802.11ac wave 2.

Besides, this WiFi router allows connection speeds of up to 2 Gbps with its Dual WAN feature.

Suitable for use on multiple devices at once.

11. Google Nest Wifi Router

google wifi Router
Besides having the flagship Pixel smartphone product, Google also has a WiFi Router product to make it easier for you to access the internet.

Google WiFi has a small size that is practical and suitable to be placed anywhere.

Despite its small size, Google WiFi has a wireless range of up to 1,500 square meters (m²).

The Google Nest WiFi Router is ideal for home use.

12. Totolink WiFi router

totolink wifi router
Totolink is a brand of electronic devices from Hong Kong, China.

This manufacturer has experience in producing networking hardware products including WiFi routers.

The Toto link WiFi router has ISO14001-2004 and ISO9001-2008 certifications which make it the best product quality.

And able to provide a stable and fast WiFi connection.

Those are some recommendations for the best and fastest router brands for your convenience while surfing the internet! You can choose the type and type of router according to your needs.

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