12 Things That Are Makruh in Fasting Muslims

By | November 23, 2021

The following are makruh things that Muslims should not do while fasting in Ramadan. Come on, know and avoid.

In fasting in the month of Ramadan, surely everyone is competing to achieve a lot of rewards. However, in observing fasting, we often do not intentionally or may deliberately do makruh things.

Makruh itself is an act that does not cause sin or is invalidated if it is done, but if it is abandoned, it is rewarded. So it is better if not done.

So, so that the essence of your fast is not damaged and can maximize worship, let’s look at the things that are makruh in the following fast!

Makruh in Fasting

1. Gossip or backbiting

Whether you are fasting or not, gossiping is not a good thing to do because giving alms usually talk about other people with negative connotations or prejudice.

Ghibah does not invalidate fasting, but it will reduce the reward of fasting. So, don’t like gossip.

2. Doing Cupping

Doing cupping is also a makruh thing if it is done during the fasting month of Ramadan.

However, you need to know. Cupping will only be makruh if it causes the body to become weak. However, if it doesn’t make the body weak, then Cupping is allowed.

3. Brushing Teeth

This is allowed if you don’t use toothpaste. Because it is feared that the taste of toothpaste gets into the mouth.

So, how do we keep our mouths fresh? The solution, Toppers can brush their teeth before the time of ruling arrives.

4. Sleeping Too Long

Although sleep can be worship during the fasting month, if it is too long it will become makhruh. For example, sleeping from noon until late in the evening before sunset, his fast is still valid.

But it would be better if we take the time to seek merit such as reading the Koran and seeking knowledge instead of sleeping.

5. Kissing

Kissing is makhruh because it can lead to lust and semen. This is what can cause a person’s fast to be broken.

Although kissing does not immediately cause semen to be released, kissing is a factor or the first step to provoke lust.

6. Food tasting

Tasting food is difficult for a fasting person, fearing that it will take him to his throat. It’s good if you taste, you must spit it out again.

This is done so that no leftover allows it to be swallowed so that it can invalidate the fast.

7. Imagining Intercourse

Imagining listening (intercourse) is a thing that is makhruh when fasting. Because it can encourage him to release sperm so that his fast can be broken and become sinful.

8. Excessive in Gargling

This needs to be avoided because it is feared that the ablution water will enter the stomach. It is better if we don’t over-gargle while doing ablution. However, if the water accidentally enters, it will not break the fast.

9. Bathing Too Long

Bathing too long is also considered makruh. To avoid this, you better take a shower normally and don’t need to bathe.

10. Wishal Fasting

Wishal fast is the all-day fast without pause to break the night. Even though people who are fasting are ordered to break at sunset or the Maghrib call to prayer reverberates.

This fasting is makhruh because it can bring harm to the body, besides it can interfere with worship activities because the body becomes weak.

11. Gathering Saliva and Swallowing It

Collecting saliva in the mouth to then be swallowed is also included in matters that are makruh in the fast of Ramadan.

12. Swimming

Swimming or bathing is makhruh when fasting because it can allow water to enter a person’s body, either through the nose, mouth, and other body parts.

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