20V MAX XR Battery Powered Dewalt Polishing Machine

By | Maret 18, 2021

Battery Powered Dewalt Polishing Machine 20V MAX XR Dilaunching. Dewalt introduces two new polishers, special tools that add to the Dewalt 20V MAX battery-powered range. Dewalt polishing machine 20V MAX XR 7 inch (180mm) variable speed (DCM849) and 20V MAX XR 5 inch (125mm).

Cordless automotive equipment not only offers convenience both in the workshop and in the fieldwork area but also helps prevent damage to work by not having power lines dragged across the surface, the company said.

7 in. 20V MAX * XR® polisher It features a high-efficiency brushless motor and achieves a no-load speed of 800-2200 RPM with variable speed trigger and spin. Designed to be held on the side or bail grip (both included with the tool), it can be held at various angles and positions.

20V MAX XR Battery Powered Dewalt Polishing Machine

20V MAX XR Battery Powered Dewalt Polishing Machine

Featuring a rubber mold, it is also covered in key areas to protect the work surface. Besides, the battery housing is oriented horizontally so that the tool feet do not interfere with polishing, and so that the user can get as close to the surface as possible. Its tool-only weight is 4.7 lb and is 16 inches long, the company said.

Dewalt Polisher 20V MAX XR 5 in. Also features a variable speed brushless (brushless) motor. has a no-load speed of 2000-5500 OPM with a size of 15 mm for a variety of applications, including detailed work on headlights, windshields, and fiberglass.

It is designed to be held comfortably on multiple sides, has a rubber mold to help protect the tool and work surface. The rubber mold also helps the user grip the tool, such as the new rotary polisher, the random orbit orbiter has a battery case positioned away from the head of the tool. The sole weight is 5.7 lb. and is 17 1/8 inches long, Dewalt said.

In addition to the series & Inch, Dewalt also launched the 20V MAX XR 5 inches. (125mm) will come with two 5.0Ah batteries for $ 449 MSRP (DCM848P2) or a price tag of $ 279 MSRP (DCM848B). Both polishers will come with a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee, the company said.

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