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3 Effective Ways to Clean Junk on Laptops

When operating a laptop, sometimes we feel the laptop suddenly becomes slow and often causes not responding. There are several factors that make the laptop feel slow, including the garbage or cache contained in the laptop that has not been cleaned. By piling up junk files on a laptop, it can lead to depletion of storage on the hard drive, thus affecting the performance of your laptop. Here’s how to clean trash on a laptop.

Actually there are several ways to clean the garbage on the laptop. Among them is by deleting the trash in the Recycle Bin of the laptop, or using the disk cleanup facility. Besides that, how to clean trash on another laptop is to use the help of applications such as CC Cleaner. Here we will discuss one by one how to clean garbage on a laptop.

Clean up trash in laptop Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is a place / directory in the Windows operating system that is useful for storing temporary files that have been deleted. For example, if you delete a file on the computer, the file will not disappear immediately but will be entered first in the recycle bin, and in the Recycle Bin you can restore deleted files if at any time the file is still needed. With so many files in the Recycle Bin, it can drain hard disk storage and cause your laptop’s performance to decrease. Here are the steps to clean the trash in the laptop recycle bin:

1. First, open the Recycle Bin application which is usually located on our Desktop with the characteristic trash can icon.

recycle bin2. Then you can double-click on the icon so that later a display like the following will appear

trash on laptop

You can see a lot of trash that is visible, now these are the files that we have deleted previously stored in the Recycle Bin.

3. In the Recycle Bin directory we can delete some files that we don’t need, how to select the file to be deleted then click delete to delete it permanently. Or you can restore the deleted files by clicking restore.

delete trash on laptop

4. The second option how to clean trash on a laptop through the recycle bin is to delete all files in the Recycle Bin directory. The trick is to right-click on the recycle bin icon and an option like the following will appear

Emptying trash on laptop

In the picture above there is an option, namely ‘Empty Recycle Bin’, when you click it, the files in the Recycle Bin directory will automatically be deleted.

Using Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a feature or tool that is embedded in the Windows operating system, where the function of this tool is to clean system files or caches from applications that have been used previously by the system. To clean trash on a laptop using Disk Cleanup is as follows:

1. First, you can search in the search field by typing ‘disk cleanup’ and open it by pressing enter or with the mouse.

How to clean trash on laptop

2. Then after opening it will display a display like the following:

disk cleanup

Here you can choose which directory you want to clean from trash. For example, here I want to clean the C directory. After that press ok.

remove trash on laptop

Junk file calculation process is running

3. When the calculation is complete, a display like the following will appear

clear cache on laptop

Can be seen in the picture, we can choose what we will clean. To add what will be cleaned, you just have to check the box icon section. And when you are sure, then click ok

how to delete trash on laptop

After that a pop up will appear, are you sure you want to delete this file, if you are sure, just click the Delete Files button?

empty the trash on the laptop

And the system will start cleaning the trash on your laptop. After the process is complete, the trash files on your laptop have been deleted and the laptop returns to its best performance.

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Using the CCleaner App

The third way to clean trash on a laptop is to use the help of an application, namely CCleaner. The CCleaner application is a third-party application that functions as a system optimizer and cleans files such as the registry, cache, and garbage that are no longer used by the system.

Here is how to clean storage from files that are not used or laptop trash using CCleaner:

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the application from Ccleaner, to download it you can visit ccleaner.com and you can use the free version.

download ccleaner

2. After you have downloaded and installed it, run the application by clicking on the CCleaner icon on the desktop or in the application search on the start button.


3. Then a display like the following will appear

menu cleaner

There are several features in this application menu, namely health check, custom clean, registry, and tools.

4. To do the cleaning, we can use a custom clean, then you can choose what to clean, then just click run cleaner. Later the application will process the cleaning of the files that you have specified and the results of the junk files on the laptop will be deleted.

the process of cleaning the garbage on the laptop

Conclusion :

Actually, if we are diligent in cleaning the garbage on the laptop. Then our laptop will not be slow because the files you don’t need have disappeared and made more space for the hard drive. And there are several ways to clean trash on a laptop that we can use either through the default windows system or using third-party applications. (Laptops Review Editor)