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4 Best Android Phone Projector Apps to the Wall

4 Best Android Phone Projector Apps to the Wall

review1st.com – Who doesn’t like watching movies, especially with their loved ones when they have free time? Most likely many people like to spend their free time watching either alone or with family or friends.

And interestingly, the presence of the best android cellphone projector application to the wall will make the audience really able to enjoy the show.

This happens because the sophistication of technology is growing rapidly so that the application is in demand and makes many people like it. Where the projector can release the image onto the screen surface that is right in front of the user’s eyes.

Not only that, you can adjust it yourself or you can adjust the size of the image and can focus so that the image is clearer.

In addition, it turns out that using a projector also makes you no longer need to subscribe to a third cable when you want to access existing content. So that it will make you watch even more comfortable when using applications that are widely recommended.

Recommendations for the Best Android to Wall Projector Applications

If you are curious, just choose one that will be recommended and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. The following is the recommended Android cellphone projector application to the wall in May 2022.

1. Asus-Wifi-Projection, Android Mobile Projector Application to the Wall

Recommendations for the Best Android to Wall Projector Applications

The first recommendation is Asus-Wifi-Projection which probably most people have also used to enjoy watching movies with family or friends.

It’s true that currently there are many smartphone devices that sail dimensions of 7 inches wide, but the reality is when watching it will feel less satisfying.

For this reason, one solution is to use an application to watch Korean dramas through cellphone devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy A20.

Well, with the Asus-Wifi-Projection application, you can use it on all Android HP devices.

Moreover, already being able to have a projector in a physical form from ASUS and using it will most likely get a different impression, satisfied with the wider screen dimensions.

When you use it, you only need to connect your HP device to the projector via an internet connection, be it cellular or wifi.

This is of course easier and also practical, of course, so you don’t miss out on your favorite shows or movies that you can enjoy with a satisfying screen.

Moreover, this application has other advantages, namely being able to know Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF files, to saving photos.

You can also see all the contents of a local photo gallery and it is supported by sketches, there is a web page document display link and is able to find out which dropboxes are stored.

2. Acer-eDisplay-Pro

acer e display pro app

The next recommendation is Acer-eDisplay-Pro which is no less good for making your viewing more satisfying and not disappointing.

Moreover, Acer is not only famous for its quality products. But also Acer has advanced products with technology, namely this projector application.

Where is the Android HP projector application to the wall, you can actually use it to connect HP devices with the application. With the aim of making the HP screen display clearer and watching more comfortable.

You can download this best application on the Play store where the device has been provided, moreover, access to its use is free without any fees.

So, you can make it as an output to present your favorite movies or exciting shows. Also know that this projector application can make a screen display that is quite simple, but looks more elegant when watching it.

As for the viewing experience, we can enjoy Netflix, Iqiyi, Viu, and other streaming applications. Watching with a larger display is certainly satisfying.

3. Boxi-Air


The next recommended Android cellphone projector application to the wall is Boxi-Air which is no less satisfying than other applications. Where Boxi-Air is an application that is quite ideal because of its smaller size.

So, this application is perfect for Android cellphone users with small storage. If you are not sure about downloading it because of its size, of course you can immediately see how many people have downloaded it to the Play Store.

Where many people have downloaded it to make viewing better and feel satisfied when watching their favorite movies or shows. Boxi-Air also has interesting features and is not inferior to other applications so that it will not disappoint anyone who downloads it.

The only difference is in the application file size, which does seem smaller and safe to use for Android with small storage.

Don’t worry, you can use Boxi-Air freely and for free with a simple display screen or a user interface that doesn’t disappoint.

4. Christie-Virtual-Remote

christie virtual remote

The last Android cellphone projector to the wall that we recommend is Christie-Virtual-Remote. No less good and satisfying for anyone who uses it.

In fact, all projector applications in the playstore provide access to be able to connect them with android with projectors wirelessly. Where can you connect it without cables because the process only requires an internet connection from a WIFI network.

In addition, the search process for the Christie-Virtual-Remote application is not too large or does not burden the Android HP storage folder.

Christie-Virtual-Remote allows all users to control the projector via Android like using a remote. What is also interesting is that there are features that you can use freely or for free and are able to enjoy viewing comfortably and satisfactorily.

Those are some recommendations for the best Android cellphone projector application to the wall that you can download so you can enjoy viewing comfortably and feel satisfied. So you will not be disappointed to enjoy your free time by watching if the picture quality is guaranteed.