4 Insurance Functions When Shopping Online

By | November 23, 2021

For online shopping to be calmer, always use insurance. The following are insurance functions and benefits for users when shopping online.

During 2021 online transactions have indeed jumped to 64.48%, the number has indeed skyrocketed because it is supported by many factors, one of which is that many people at home feel bored so that shopping is one of the stress-relieving activities, some are of course still afraid to be in the crowd if you have to shop outside the house.

Apart from these reasons, it turns out that many people are doing online transactions for the first time and have contributed to the spike that occurred.

Of course, as a new kid, there are a lot of feelings of fear, anxiety, or half confidence in doing online transactions.

Most of them experience a fear that the goods received are damaged when received or when they are just used, if the goods are in the form of beauty products such as skincare, perhaps the most fear is if the goods cause allergic reactions.

Maybe many don’t know that some e-commerce has provided preventive solutions for such situations, namely through additional protection, but what is the function of insurance, and what are the benefits?

Main Functions of Insurance

1. Prevent losses

Among the hundreds of people who get the goods without problems, maybe you are less fortunate, it could happen.

This is the main function of additional protection, namely reducing losses experienced by buyers. It’s just a claim, you will immediately get a replacement for the misfortunes you face.

2. Not afraid to lose

The protection that you add does not only guarantee that the item will arrive safely or not damaged during use.

Many of the protections also provide more protection, to guarantee the risk of loss in the event of a robbery so you can feel a little calm because your goods have been insured.

3. Reducing the worry of damaged goods

Different people use different methods, are you one of the less slick in using things?

You can minimize this risk, or indeed if you just feel bad when using electronic goods, for example, accidentally spilled liquid by you or other people around you. Several protections protect this kind of thing, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

4. Affordable

Relax, generally, this additional cost of protection is not burdensome, it can even be added starting from just Usd. 1.00, but the replacement you get is of course more than the price of the protection itself.

The benefits are not just getting a replacement, because without realizing it you also give a feeling of calm and comfort to your life when adding the cost of protection.

So there’s no more reason for you not to use protection when making online transactions, huh, because there are so many benefits.

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