5 Best 1 Tube Washing Machine Brands and Save Electricity

By | Maret 9, 2021
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The use of a washing machine has become common today. No longer worry about the results of your laundry being less clean because modern technology has been embedded in both 1 tube and 2 tube washing machine brands to get rid of stubborn stains, bacteria, and germs quickly. Even more, interestingly, some washing machines are labeled as saving electricity despite their maximum performance.

Tips for Choosing a 1 Tube Washing Machine Brand

Choose according to daily needs

Choose the type of washing machine that suits your daily needs, whether top loading or front loading. Some front-loading washing machines have a very large capacity of up to 9 kg, making them suitable for households with a lot of laundries. Meanwhile, the capacity for the top-loading type is usually around 7 to 8 kg.

Pay attention to the specifications of the washing machine.

You can read the information listed on the brochure or the writing on the surface of the machine. However, to be clearer, ask the seller. Make sure to choose a washing machine that can provide the best service, for example by offering a complete washing method, timer feature, power saver, or easy wash.

Consider the price

Consider whether the price is worth the advantages it provides. In order not to be fooled, you need to compare one brand with another because it could be a cheaper price not necessarily lower quality. Also, read some reviews about certain washing machine brands to add to your consideration.

Choose according to your room space

Choose a washing machine that matches the size of the room in your house. If the available space is relatively narrow, then a 1 tube washing machine is the best choice. The reason is, the characteristics of the shape they have are tall and slim. However, if the space is wide enough, choosing a 2 tube washing machine is not a problem.

Recommended Power Saving 1 Tube Washing Machine Brands

Polytron Zeromatic PAW85511M

the best washing machine Polytron Zeromatic PAW85511M

the best washing machine Polytron Zeromatic PAW85511M

Zeromatic, produced by Polytron, is a brand of 1 tube washing machine that can work optimally without consuming a lot of electricity. The two main advantages of this washing machine are the zero pressure technology which allows washing and rinsing to continue under low water pressure. That way, in addition to electricity, this washing machine is also able to save water.

The second advantage is the centrifugal softening technology that allows detergent and fragrances to be mixed evenly. Polytron also provides setting modes for various types of washing. Regarding size, Zeromatic has a fairly slim shape so it doesn’t take up space. Even so, the capacity of the tube is quite large, up to 8.5 kg.

Sharp ES-FL1491XW

If you want a large-capacity washing machine and a fast washing machine, the Sharp ES-FL1491XW is the right solution. This front-loading washing machine can accommodate up to 9.5 kg of laundry. Thanks to the turbo key technology, washing only lasts 6 to 10 minutes with clean results because Sharp uses an ecologic system.

the best washing machine Sharp ES-FL1491XW

the best washing machine Sharp ES-FL1491XW

If needed, you can also use hot water to wash certain clothes. Another advantage is that stubborn stains on clothes can disappear instantly without rubbing them. This washing machine does not make any noise either during the washing or drying process with the presence of silent wash technology. It’s just that, extra care is needed to make it durable.

Electrolux EWF-85747

This Electrolux 1 tube washing machine brand is the first product to include a special hijab and batik cloth washing option on the LED screen-shaped setting button. You can also combine two types of detergents for maximum cleaning. Electrolux is also a front loading type but the capacity of the tube is only 7 kg.

the best washing machine Electrolux EWF-85747

the best washing machine Electrolux EWF-85747

Washing using Electrolux EWF-85747 will keep your clothes free from germs and bacteria. However, especially for thick clothes, they need to be dried in the sun for a while because the dryer is only able to dry up to 80%. About the warranty, this brand is not playing games because it gives 10 years.

Denpoo DWF-093

Returning to the top-loading type washing machine, Denpoo comes with easy wash technology that can remove stubborn stains quickly. The capacity of the washing tube is 7 kg with only 325 watts of power, considering that the washing to drying process only takes a short time. However, this washing machine requires great water pressure.

the best washing machine Denpoo DWF-093

the best washing machine Denpoo DWF-093

The absence of a pause button makes the washing machine work non-stop until it’s finished. This is beneficial for housewives who bother taking care of small children because they do not need to go back and forth to set the washing time. During washing, Denpoo does not make any noise so it will not disturb you even when washing in the middle of the night.

Modena WF-652

The WF-652 series from Modena offers a drum capacity of 7 kg with a choice of 8 washing methods. A start and pause button is also displayed to make settings more flexible. To provide convenience for users, the legs of this front-loading washing machine can be easily adjusted in height. So, you don’t have to bend/squeeze too much when picking up the laundry.

the best washing machine Modena WF-652

the best washing machine Modena WF-652

Unfortunately, Modena WF-652 is not equipped with silent washing technology, so it still makes noise during the washing and drying process. Besides, the process is quite long because the washing tube is not moving fast enough. However, the results of the laundry are still guaranteed to be clean and hygienic. The condition of the clothes is maintained even though it has been washed many times.

Recommended 2-tube washing machine brands that can be used as alternatives

Panasonic NA-W87FCI-BCI

If you need a washing machine with 2 tubes, then you can try the Panasonic NA-W87FCI-BCI series. The electricity needed for the twin-tube size is quite economical, which is about 220 watts for the washing process and 150 watts for the drying process. The results of the laundry are also maximally clean and free of mold thanks to the embedding of the AG Clean technology and pulsator pressure.

the best washing machine Panasonic NA-W87FCI-BCI

the best washing machine Panasonic NA-W87FCI-BCI

Another factor that affects is the presence of a water filter so that the quality of water for washing is maintained. In the settings section, you will find a wash time button that can be flexibly set according to your needs. One wash, the allowed capacity is only 6 kg. Including a little, considering the size is divided by the drying tube.

Sanken TW-7730

An alternative to the 2 tube washing machine with a slightly more capacity is the Sanken TW-7730 with a capacity of up to 7 kg. The washing process has been supported by X-Tor technology so that clothes in full capacity remain evenly clean. Besides, super spin-dry is also used to support the maximum drying process quickly.

the best washing machine Sanken TW-7730

the best washing machine Sanken TW-7730

However, a lot of water is needed during the washing process, especially if it reaches its maximum capacity. In terms of size, this washing machine takes up enough space so try to place it a little closer to the corner of the room. Don’t worry about the threat of rats nesting and damaging cables because Sanken equips the washing machine with stainless components.

Using a 1 tube washing machine brand has many advantages such as a fast washing process, large tube capacity, and slim washing machine size. The use of modern technology that supports such as turbo key, zero pressure, X-Tor, water filter, easy wash, and silent wash makes washing machines save power without reducing the quality of the washing results.

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