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5 Best Photo Grid Apps, Free Collages on Mobile

5 Best Photo Grid Apps, Free Collages on Mobile

review1st.com – Presence smartphone Not only can it facilitate communication, but it is also equipped with a sophisticated camera. This feature can produce beautiful photos that are often used share to social media by using the application photo grid.

This application offers many conveniences to make the image display more leverage so that the image looks different than usual. Because of that many users smartphone who take advantage of this one photo editing application.

Know What is Photo Grid

Currently, there are many choices of applications for editing photos on the Internet smartphones. One of them is a photo grid application. But before discussing further about this photo editing application, it’s a good idea to get to know this application at a glance.

Actually a lot of users smartphone who are already familiar with this one application. Although there are also some users smartphone others who do not know about this one photo editing application.

So what exactly is a photo grid or what is this application called? So what is called a photo grid is actually an application on the internet smartphone which offers techniques to make photos look more and more attractive.

This application provides various facilities with various types of photo collage options that can be used. To produce this photo collage requires a technique that combines several photos into one collage.

The results of photo collages using this photo grid application are relatively good, not just a combination of photos or images. But it also describes something or a certain purpose that is contained in the collage.

This technique of merging photos or images has then become a trend that is often found on various social media such as Instagram. No wonder this photo editing application is liked by many users smartphone from children to adults.

So that makes photo grid one of the best applications that have been recorded as having a rating of up to 4.7 with a large number of users, more than 10 million. This is inseparable from the various interesting features that exist in this application.

5 Mandatory Applications to Edit Photo Grids or Collages

There are various applications to combine several photos that are worthy of choice. Especially for social media users who want to upload beautiful and attractive collage photos.

Several choices of this photo grid application can produce a combination of charming photos like those that are currently trending on various social media. Here are 5 choices of mandatory applications for users smartphones.

1. Photo Grid App

what is a photo grid on a cellphone

The first choice of applications that must be on smartphone is a photo editing application called photogrid. This application provides the creation of photo combinations of up to 15 photo options in a wide selection of frames.

Besides this photo grid application, smartphone users can make photo collages combined between photos and videos or only photos or videos. Not only that, this application can also be used to create video slide shows.

2. PicsArt

picsart photo grid app

The next application that deserves to be chosen is picsart. With this application users smartphone can make a combination of several photos up to as many as 10 photos in one collage with many choices of interesting frames.

In addition, this application is equipped with various features that are quite complete. One of the features in this application that you can use to create photo grids is collages, which offer a variety of more interesting photo effects.

3. Layout For Instagram : Collage

layouts for instagram

This application is simpler to use when compared to other similar applications. This application provides a menu to create a combination of 9 photos in one collage frame.

To make a photo grid with this application, the method is very easy. Choose as many as 9 photos and then flip each photo one by one. After editing this photo, the results can be directly shared on social media.

4. Collage Maker Photo

photo collage maker

Furthermore, the choice of other photo editing applications that must be installed on smartphone is a collage maker. This application provides various options background photos that are interesting enough to produce more captivating photos.

Not only that, this application also offers many options for creating photo grids with more than 100 different types of layouts that can be used. In addition, this application also provides filters, text and other features.

5. inCollage


Another application that can be used to make photo collages is Collage. With this application, users can combine photos of up to 18 photos at once in a wide selection of frames.

This application is specifically designed to create photo grids. Because of this, this application is equipped with a variety of additional interesting filters to produce more beautiful and attractive photos.

How to Download Applications

All of these application options can be downloaded for free on the Google play store. It’s just a matter of choosing which application suits your desire to combine several photo options in one collage.

After selecting the appropriate application, smartphone users can directly download it. To make it easier by following the steps to use a photo grid as follows.

  • Smartphone users can directly click the Google Play store
  • Then in the search field, just type one of these applications
  • Then just click to download it
  • After that, wait a while until the application download process is complete
  • Then after the application is downloaded, install it directly
  • After that the application can be directly used to make photo collages

Those are 5 choices of instant applications that must be present on smartphone users to be able to create photo grid currently appearing on various social media. In addition, some of these photo editing applications are very easy to use.

You already know now what a photo grid is and its mandatory application. I hope this helps.