5 Most Profitable Long-Term Investment Options

By | April 9, 2021
5 Most Profitable Long-Term Investment Options

For those of you who want to prepare for a more prosperous old age, here are the types of long-term investments that you should consider having.

5 Most Profitable Long-Term Investment Options

5 Most Profitable Long-Term Investment Options

It is never too slow or too fast to start a long-term investment.

Everyone has the right to financial freedom or financial stability. Imagine that in old age you can enjoy your retirement in a relaxed manner even with sufficient income without the need to work.

But just imagining it is not enough, you have to start planning long-term investments wisely.

You can start with understanding the goals and types of long-term investments first. Here are the goals and types of long-term investments that are most profitable for you.

Definition of Long-Term Investment

A long-term investment is an investment that is carried out continuously and can be disbursed within a certain period.

This investment can also be said to be an investment from a company to earn a steady income.

Before determining what long-term investment is right for you, you must first understand what the goals of this long-term investment are, including:

Long Term Investment Objectives

  • To get long-term passive income that can be received from dividends, rental interest, and so on.
  • Prepare special funds for children’s education, pension funds, emergency funds, and so on.
  • Get results from investment growth that can be used to finance personal needs within the preparation period.

Examples of Long-Term Investments
If you understand the objectives and understanding of long-term investing, then you can start to consider what type of investment is the most appropriate and suitable for your needs, here are some long-term investment options:


Stocks can be an alternative investment with the potential for gains and losses that are quite large.

If you decide to invest in stocks and you are confused about buying the right company shares, then you must study fundamental and technical analysis to assess the potential shares of the company.

In stock investing, the profits you will get come from the increase in shares that have been purchased and saved for a certain time, as well as the distribution of dividends or profits that will be distributed by the company in a certain period.

2. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can be the right choice for those of you who are just starting with long-term investing.

Mutual funds don’t need the expertise to calculate investment risk, even you don’t need large funds. You can start with a relatively small fund.

Your mutual fund will be managed by a professional investment manager with a diversified risk, so you can save time and invest in peace.

3. Gold Investment

Gold is a good investment with low risk. The stable selling value of gold is one of the reasons why gold is still consistently the choice of many people for long-term investments.

The forms of gold investment are now increasingly diverse, from physical gold to gold savings.

You can pay attention to gold fluctuations to determine the right time to buy and sell gold, so you can get the profit expected from the investment.

4. Property

Since the beginning of 2000, property investment has become very promising. This investment instrument requires a fairly large amount of funds but will provide greater profit opportunities for years afterward.

The price of land and buildings, in general, continues to increase every year, this is also influenced by the increasingly densely populated land, so buildings and land become one of the promising assets.

Even though the capital spent is quite large, the return received will also be following the issued capital.

5. Bonds

Bonds are debt securities that can be purchased, bonds also contain the payment due date along with the debt and interest.

The advantages of the bonds themselves are in terms of security guaranteed by law and considerable interest.

Therefore, many bonds are used as an option to prepare pension funds, you can buy bond products at a trusted bond selling agent.