5 Vainglory Heroes that are Suitable for Beginners

By | September 13, 2022

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Read | Hello Bacakun friends, my name is Muhammad Ravi Kurniawan / Kurnia or commonly called Raku. I am a new admin and on this occasion I will share tips on a good MOBA cellphone game, Vainglory. What are the tips? The tips are 5 Heroes that are Suitable for Beginners! Well for more details later please see below later.

Vainglory is a MOBA game created by SUPER EVIL MEGACORP which is successful in the Play Store market and also this Vainglory game (often abbreviated as VG) is an Editor’s Choice game. Many of the players are already experts or pros. Many people like Vainglory because they don’t doubt the quality of this game. The required cellphone specifications also don’t have to be high, so at least I recommend 1 GB of RAM & approximately 2 GB of Internal Storage and the processor must be Dual Core.

Vainglory is a very fun MOBA especially if you play with your friends. There are many crazy events and discounts in this game that might be interesting for you to try. There are also many heroes, such as the position of Captain, Carry, and others. Well straight to the point, here it is! please take a look!

1. Taka
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Taka is the first hero you play during the tutorial. You don’t hesitate to use this hero because it is recommended for beginners to use it. Taka is an astute attacker because he can disappear and regenerate life when he disappears using a skill called Kaku. Taka is a very fast attacker to dodge and attack. Then this hero is highly recommended.

2. Skaarf
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Skaarf is a dragon that really helps Captain in destroying turrets. Skaarf is a good supporter to win because his skills can annoy the opponent. Skaarf is also loved by many players because it is easy to play.

3. Ringo
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Ringo is a ranged hero just like Skaarf who is fast and easy to use to kill his opponents because of his fast and deadly attacks. His ultimate move can also be dangerous because he can chase his enemy wherever the enemy goes until he gets hit. Many Vainglory players choose him as a long-range hero mainstay.

4. Catherine

Image result for vainglory catherine
Catherine is a mighty and formidable female Captain to protect the turrets and destroy her opponents. This hero is widely used because it is easy to play for beginners as a Captain position. Catherine is also suitable for jungling and has good skills, namely stun effects and so on.

5. Petals
Image result for vainglory petal
This one hero is suitable for you to play. With a small body he is a favorite hero of Vainglory players because it is easy. In addition, Petals can summon insects to fight their enemies. Very useful for the team in winning.

Yes, those were 5 Vainglory Heroes that are Suitable for Beginners that Bacakun can give to you, hopefully it will be useful in playing Vainglory, the best selling MOBA game in my opinion. If there is an error, please forgive. Thank you very much for reading this article, hopefully it will be useful for all.