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8 Best Sewing Machine Brands are Good and Durable

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Janome MC 600P

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Choosing to buy a sewing machine is not an easy matter, there are many things to consider so as not to buy the wrong one. For now, the most common types of sewing machines are portable sewing machines that are easy to install and operate. Many of the best sewing machine brands of this type are priced at friendly prices.
So for beginners who want to learn to sew, there are many brands to choose from and consider. Of course, choosing the best sewing machine is not easy, in addition to being good and durable, the sewing machine must also match its use. For this reason, this time we will share the tips for choosing the best sewing machine.
In the tips below, everything is complete to the details that you may sometimes forget.
To make it clearer, just take a look at the following tips:

1. Determine What the Needs are

Determining the needs of a sewing machine to be purchased is a must. This will later affect the type and features of the sewing machine that will be purchased.
For example, the need for a sewing machine is only for ordinary needs at home such as just fixing clothes, then a portable sewing machine is sufficient. But if you have a hobby of designing and making your clothes, a sewing machine equipped with an overlock will be more suitable. As for the convection scale, a multi-functional high-speed sewing machine must be chosen.

2. Has an Automatic Stitch Manager

Automatic stitch control functions to produce a variety of basting and zig-zag stitches. To adjust the type or pattern of stitches using a length regulator. Whereas for zig-zag stitch pattern control using a width regulator.

3. Pay Attention To Any Stitch Patterns That Can Be Made

Broadly speaking, the pattern is basted and zigzag only. However, these two basic patterns are still equipped with other variants. For example, a tighter zig zag, or a longer, loose zig-zag stitch pattern.

4. Find Out the Types of Fabric You Can Sew

Not all sewing machines are capable of sewing all types of fabrics. Usually, portable sewing machines have more of a disadvantage at this point. This is because portable sewing machines are designed for a home scale.
For overly slippery fabrics such as pure satin or thick jeans fabrics, a sewing machine for convection is more suitable. Even though there are several brands of portable sewing machines that are capable of handling these two types of fabrics, they are still less practical.

5. Consider the Features Offered

Features such as the number of stitch patterns that can be done are something that must be considered. Then the little things like the existence of a lamp, a thread spinner, a free arm, a knee lifter, and a thread cutter are also worth considering. Although this can be overcome with other tools, if the sewing machine already has all of these, sewing becomes easier and more fun.

6. Make sure you are given the complete accessories

What is meant by built-in accessories here is the completeness of the sewing machine. Such as binding foot, buttonhole, foot gathering foot, walking foot, and zipper foot. Then don’t forget about the lifeboats and needles that will be used.
If when buying a new sewing machine it is not equipped with these accessories, it will be difficult to buy it, especially for the layman. This is because there are no examples that can be brought with you when purchasing sewing machine accessories. Buying sewing machine accessories is not an easy matter, there are dozens of choices to choose the needle.

7. Consider Spare Parts

Sewing machines are the same as other machines, need routine servicing and sometimes the spare parts are damaged. So choosing a sewing machine that is easy to find spare parts for will be better. This will be useful for shortening service time and of course cheaper because the goods are easy to find.
Although it is advisable to consider the convenience of spare parts, that does not mean that you should not buy less well-known brands. If you want to buy a sewing machine with a brand that is still rarely found, be sure to first ask the seller where the service is that can fix it when it breaks. If you buy at a specialized sewing shop, the seller will know the place.

8. Choosing a Trusted Seller

Buying a sewing machine is as easy as buying shoes. When there are a brand and type that you like, you must make sure that the goods are genuine or not and the goods you buy are disgusted or not.
Therefore, you should buy at a trusted store, or if you buy online, it is highly recommended to buy it at the official store. Currently, almost all well-known sewing machine brands have official accounts at various major online stores in Indonesia.

9. Choose an Appropriate Budget

Whether it’s for household or business needs, buying a sewing machine that fits your budget is essential. This is because you have to pay attention to service costs or spare parts if they are damaged later. Then must also be considered the cost of accessories, threads, lifeboats, needles, and other necessities.

Recommendations for the best sewing machine brands that fit your needs are good and durable

The best sewing machine brands below have been selected so they are good and durable. In terms of prices, they also vary, especially there are many choices of portable sewing machines that are now being sought after. Please just listen to the brand recommendations below:

1. SINGER 14HD854

The SINGER 14HD854 is a sewing and overhaul machine equipped with a multi-speed drive with a point of consistency. The seam speed reaches 1,300 stitch points per minute without missed and less tight threads.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs SINGER 14HD854

The best sewing machine that fits your needs SINGER 14HD854

Another advantage of the SINGER 14HD854 is the durability of the sewing machine, which does not require frequent routine maintenance to the type of thick fabric that can be sewn neatly. Also, at the bottom, there is a threading storage box.

  • The advantages of SINGER 14HD854
  • Comes with a selection of threads for neci ranging from 2,3, and 4
  • Has 3 serger threads that can be used
  • Stitch speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Sewing machines are powerful and capable of sewing thick fabrics
  • Equipped with a threading box at the bottom
  • Disadvantages of SINGER 14HD854
  • The sewing machine is quite heavy
  • The price is quite expensive

2. Juki DDL 8100e

This sewing machine is a type of industrial sewing machine that is specialized for sewing straight 1 needle. The neatness of the stitches as well as the durability and ability to sew various types of fabrics make this one brand very popular for those who are starting a convection business.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Juki DDL 8100e

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Juki DDL 8100e

For sewing speed, the Juki DDL 8100e can reach 4,500 stitch points in one minute. Judging from the price of the sewing machine, the Juki DDL 8100e is also affordable when comparing it with the quality offered.

  • The advantages of Juki DDL 8100e
  • Stitch speed of up to 4,500 stitch points per minute
  • Every purchase comes with 1 dynamo, sewing table, sewing machine feet, and a complete tool kit
  • The maximum thickness of the material that can be sewn is 10 mm
  • The engine lubrication system used is automatic
  • Shoes can be raised to 13 mm
  • Lack of Juki DDL 8100e
  • The sewing machine is not portable so it cannot be moved except with the table
    Only one type of stitch is possible

3. BERNETTE B48 Funlock

BERNETTE B48 Funlock is a multi-functional sewing machine that can be used for overalls, neci, and chapstick. Generally, this sewing machine is used for sewing t-shirt materials which are quite difficult, or for overlocking the material.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs BERNETTE B48 Funlock

The best sewing machine that fits your needs BERNETTE B48 Funlock

The features provided by this sewing machine include LED lights, color-coded threading diagrams, and heavy-duty metal frames. Another thing that can be relied on from the BERNETTE B48 Funlock is an adjustable tooth density and seam width that can reach 10 mm.

  • The advantages of BERNETTE B48 Funlock
  • The density of the dapper can reach 1.5 mm
  • The dappled threads provided range from 2 to 5
  • Has 23 overlock and sewing options
  • A cutting knife that can be turned on and off
  • Shoe pressure settings are easy to change
  • Disadvantages of BERNETTE B48 Funlock
  • The new sewing machine speed 1,300 stitches per minute
  • sewing machines are still imported from Taiwan

4. Messina P5721

Messina P5721 is one of the brands of portable sewing machines that are suitable for use as a good sewing machine for households. Its simple operation and various functions are its advantages that are difficult to negotiate.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Messina P5721

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Messina P5721

This sewing machine has an automatic thread attachment function and a handy 1-step buttonhole maker. Also, the free arm makes it easier to reach difficult corners such as collars to make it easier to sew.

  • The advantages of Messina P5721
  • Has an automatic bobbin player
  • There is a thread breaker that is easy to use
  • Seam spacer from 0 to 4 mm
  • The free arm makes sewing difficult corners easier
  • The seam width can be up to 5 mm
  • Disadvantages of Messina P5721
  • Not suitable for sewing thick materials
  • It is very difficult to sew elastic materials such as t-shirts

5. SINGER Patchwork 7285Q

SINGER Patchwork 7285Q is one of the best portable sewing machines in 2019 with 100 different stitch functions. The sewing machine speed can be changed easily, and there are 6 different styles of buttons that can be made without difficulty.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs SINGER Patchwork 7285Q

The best sewing machine that fits your needs SINGER Patchwork 7285Q

Every one set of sewing machines is equipped with LED, canvas cooler, complete tool kit, even feed blind stitch foot, rolled hem, and darning foot. The owned free arm is also very easy to reach difficult corners of the stitches such as collars and arms.

  • The advantages of SINGER Patchwork 7285Q
  • Can sew backward
  • Sewing machines can be operated with a pedal
  • There is a bobbin system that is easy to understand
  • Needle position can be programmed
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Lack of SINGER Patchwork 7285Q
  • The new stitch speed is up to 750 stitches per minute
  • The type that came out a few years ago so it’s quite hard to come by

6. Janome NS-7330N

The Janome NS-7330N is a portable, multifunctional sewing machine with a dynamo on the outside. This sewing machine is capable of sewing buttonholes to several types of fabrics.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Janome NS-7330N

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Janome NS-7330N

The advantage of this sewing machine apart from its completeness is the ease of operation and maintenance even for beginners. Each set will be equipped with pedal control, a manual guide to a complete toolkit.

  • The advantages of the Janome NS-7330N
  • Has 24 stitch functions plus 1 buttonhole
  • The lower spool is used
  • Easy stitch length adjustment
  • drop feed dog makes quilting easy
  • There are lights
  • Disadvantages of the Janome NS-7330N
  • Cannot be used for overhaul
  • Not suitable for sewing thick fabrics

7. Butterfly JH8530A

The butterfly is a legendary sewing machine brand that has existed from ancient times and has many different sewing machine variants. For this one series, its use is more focused on families with 23 stitch patterns.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Butterfly JH8530A

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Butterfly JH8530A

Butterfly JH8530A can adjust the width and length of the stitches automatically. Then to make a buttonhole is also quite easy, it only takes 4 steps.

  • The advantages of the Butterfly JH8530A
  • Has 23 stitch patterns
  • Able to make buttonholes
  • Prices are quite cheap
  • It is automatic to calculate the stitch length and width
  • Can sew thin materials neatly
  • Disadvantages of the Butterfly JH8530A
  • Not suitable for sewing thick materials
  • Not yet equipped with a sale

8. Janome MC 600P

This saru sewing machine is quite expensive and is not an easy series to find, so sometimes you have to order it in advance. However, the sewing machine is equipped with 2000 different stitch types and 9 different buttonhole models.

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Janome MC 600P

The best sewing machine that fits your needs Janome MC 600P

The bobbin system used is automatic and can rotate 36 degrees easily. In the upper and lower hands, the setting is automatic and there is a reminder mode.

  • The advantages of the Janome MC 600P
  • Has 2000 stitch modes
  • There are 9 buttonhole models
  • Using 7 feed dog system
  • There are snap-on presser feet
  • Equipped with drop feet
  • Disadvantages of Janome MC 600P
  • A series that is hard to get

Best Sewing Machine Brand Recommendations

For sewing machine sizes, the best is not only good and durable but, it must be able to be used to sew thick or thin fabrics easily and neatly. Then even though it is used for a home scale, sewing machines are also required to have many variants of sewing patterns and are quite fast. In terms of sewing machine prices, a friendly price would be better.

Based on the points above, on this occasion, the best sewing machine is SINGER Patchwork 7285Q. This sewing machine is equipped with 750 stitch patterns, the machine is also able to sew buttonholes easily.

For beginners, it is very easy to understand this sewing machine because everything from bobbins to needles is very easy to adjust. Then in terms of price, this sewing machine is also very affordable and easy to get in terms of accessories and availability.

To choose a sewing machine that is not only good in terms of the brand but also best and durable, there are a few tips that can be followed. Starting from determining what sewing machine to use, to the price of the sewing machine that should be chosen.

When determining which brand of the sewing machine is the best, out of all the excellent recommendations above, usage is something to consider. So that what is not chosen as the best sewing machine does not mean it is not good enough.

It seems that the discussion this time is enough, with tips and recommendations for engine brands.