8 Ways to Get Safe Passive Income To Help You Make Money

By | November 23, 2021

8 Ways to Get Safe Passive Income in 2021

Passive income can be the right way for you to get an additional income stream. Here are a number of ways to get it.

As you get older, you will definitely find ways to meet all the needs in life. One way to make a living besides working, you will start trying to invest to generate passive income.

Passive income is the income that someone gets by doing as little activity as possible without playing an active role in it. This means that you can get money on the side even though you are currently working at your main job.

Passive income can be a good way to help you generate coffers of money.

Profitable Passive Income

1. Selling information products

One popular strategy today is to sell information products through e-books and audio or video courses.

This method is mostly done by experts who are experts in a field and record it in a video when they are explaining something and distribute the video through course institutions, such as SkillShare, Coursera, Udemy and so on. This method is considered effective for getting passive income.

Or in another way, you can use the “freemium” model to get people excited about the content you launch and use it for a certain amount of time, then you charge a fee for the next level.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing (Affliate marketing) is a popular strategy for making money online, 9links, namely by promoting third-party products by including links to products on their websites or social media accounts.

Instagram and TikTok are platforms to build followers and promote products that are usually done by Social Media Influencers and Bloggers.

With affiliate marketing, website owners, social media “influencers” or bloggers promote third-party products by including links to products on their sites or social media accounts.

Amazon is perhaps the most well-known affiliate partner, but eBay, Awin, and ShareASale are also among the bigger names. And Instagram and TikTok have become huge platforms for those looking to grow a following and promote products.

If you are interested in this way, you must know in advance who the target market for the product you are selling is.

After that, you will promote it through social media so that if a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase from a third party, then you will get a commission.

3. Flip retail products

This method is the easiest way. The reason is, you only use online sales media such as eBay or Amazon.

Then, sell the product you find and install it as yours at a competitive price. Then you will get money from the difference between the purchase and sale price.

4. Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is an activity of borrowing money between lenders (Lenders) and loan recipients (borrowers) facilitated by third party intermediaries such as Prosper or LendingClub.

This peer-to-peer loan application is perfect for those of you who want to invest, because you are free to determine how much capital to invest and the amount of interest or return you will get.

5. Rental income

Investing in rental property is an effective way to get passive income, because of course humans need various things that they don’t have.

6. Investment in shares

Becoming a shareholder in a company is the right way to get passive income, because the company will pay cash dividends from any company profits.

Dividends are paid per share, so the more shares you own, the higher dividends you earn.

7. Rent a house

One option to get passive income is to rent out your room or house for a certain period of time.

The house is an instrument in investment so that it can be an opportunity for those of you who are rarely at home.

8. Place an ad on the car

You can get extra money just by driving your car around town while advertising.

If you like to travel, you should try this method. Contact the advertising agency closest to you and post an ad now to get extra money without realizing it.


What is the easiest source of passive income?

Passive Income Ideas 2022
  1. Start a Dropshipping Store. Get Started with Oberlo. …
  2. Run a Blog. The most popular passive income stream tends to come from blogging. …
  3. Create a Course. …
  4. Instagram Sponsored Posts. …
  5. Create a Print on Demand Online Store. …
  6. Create an App. …
  7. Invest in Stocks. …
  8. Buy Property.

How can a beginner earn passive income?

15 passive income ideas for building wealth
  1. Selling information products. …
  2. Flip retail products. …
  3. Dividend stocks. …
  4. Invest in a high-yield CD or savings account. …
  5. Rent out your home short-term. …
  6. Advertise on your car. …
  7. Create a blog or YouTube channel. …
  8. Rent out useful household items.

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