Admitting that introverts have become a trend?

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I think the term introvert is familiar by now. Many people have shared about introverts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. It’s good that many people have become more alert with the personalities of these people..

But what I find strange is that there are people who deliberately claim to be introverts even though they are not introverts. Seriously.. for what? Haha..

But there are extroverts who claim to be introverts. Although if your personality is extroverted, I think it’s good. Many people are happy to like you.. There is no point in admitting a character that is not your real self…

I read posts on fb where people share about introverts, then many people claim to be introverts in the comments. If it’s true, why don’t he confess… But if he confesses just to attract other people’s attention, why?? Isn’t it because people share the characteristics of introverts, one of which is ‘faithful’, that everyone continues to claim to be an introvert? Duh….

There are people who hang out, go out, eat a lot and admit that they are introverts. Where is the introverted behavior? Haha adoii… There are those who used to be extroverts but are now introverts because they were disappointed with their friends before. Hi.. it’s nice to be an introvert. In my opinion, if you like to go out and meet people, you can’t stay at home for a long time, it’s hard to feel tired at events with a lot of people and like to seek attention, you’re not an introvert either.

If you’re getting older, you prefer to eat alone, watch movies alone… that’s more of a change in your maturity as you get older. You start to realize that sometimes doing things yourself is easier and more efficient. There is no need to depend on others and you have started to realize that if you want to live as an adult, you have to be independent. You don’t suddenly become an introvert when you behave like this. It’s just that you’ve grown up and matured…

Many people say that an introvert rarely admits that he is an introvert. If he wants to express his feelings and admit to being an introvert, usually people will hide a little. Not looking for attention on fb comments. Haha.. An example of how an introvert expresses his feelings on iium confession and a blogger admits to being an introvert behind a pseudonym. He didn’t even tell people directly.

A normal introvert must have these characteristics:

  1. Prefer to sit at home
  2. Prefer to chat with close members or close family only
  3. You get tired quickly if you go to a party, concert, or any other event
  4. Lack of feeling to stand out and seek attention
  5. I really like it when there is a lot of ‘me time’
  6. I prefer to do my own work, I don’t care if people are alert to the results of my work
  7. Automatic silence more than talking when sitting in a group. Because introverts usually need time to process what they hear. Only then did he dare to respond.

If you don’t have the above kind of behavior, but you just always watch movies and eat alone, I don’t think you’re introverted either. I have a close friend who used to be a friendly type, likes to meet people, he’s actually an extrovert. But since he started working, he still likes to eat alone because he says it’s easier not to disturb people. So this does not mean that my friend has become an introvert. It’s just that he’s mature and knows what’s necessary and what’s not. So you don’t have to admit to being a character that is not yourself.

There are many types of introverts. But I believe there are only two types after I read a book by someone at the library that day. I’ll quote later..

Do you have friends who suddenly admit to being introverts? What is your opinion? How do you feel like hitting? Haha..

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