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Andong Becak is the Spearhead of Tourism

Andong Becak is the Spearhead of Tourism

JOGJA – Welcoming World Tourism Day, the DIJ Tourism Office held a special ceremony on Sunday afternoon (28/9). Entitled Hangudi Hayuning Wisata ing Ngayogyakarto, this event was packaged through a carnival involving traditional vehicles in the form of horse carts and trishaws.,

Dozens of rickshaws and carriages along the Abu Bakar Ali parking lot, Malioboro to North Square. According to the Assistant for Government and Welfare, DIJ Sulistyo, becaks and carriages are not just transportation. “These are forms of wealth and characteristics that are owned by Jogjakarta. You could say rickshaws and carriages are one of the spearheads of tourism. As we can see, even though transportation is developing, there are still enthusiasts and perpetrators,” he said (28/9).

Sulistyo added that these two modes are important strengths, where when people ride these vehicles it is not only for transportation. However, he also reminisces about this traditional Jogjakarta vehicle. Besides that, he also hopes that the pedicab driver and the carriage driver will have provisions. Especially provisions in mastering tourism in Jogjakarta. Jogjakarta as a tourist destination city also relies on these two actors. “One thing that is definitely attached is the friendliness of the actors of this mode of transportation. Even many foreign tourists who take advantage of their services. So that the provision of hospitality, language and tourism certainly needs to be improved,” Sulistyo hoped.

Meanwhile, the Head of Destinations for the DIJ Tourism Office, Arya Nugrahadi, said that this was a special moment that Yogyakarta-karta had become one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. Strengthening continues to be done, one of which is by using traditional modes of transportation. According to him, the potential of Jogjakarta should complement each other. Becaks and carriages also become transportation to tourist destinations. Especially in the Malioboro area, rickshaws and carriages have helped the development of tourism in the vicinity. “Everything complements each other’s potential. There is a batik center, souvenirs typical of Jogja, all of which can be reached by rickshaw and carriage. We will develop further targets in the future, and not only carnival,” said Arya. The Kirab involved several communities in Jogjakarta. Bre-gada Niti Manggala escorts the carnival. Next, there was a cross-gender dance entitled Ja’Kun by Didik Nini Thowok and his team. It also featured the DIJ Dimas Diajeng community riding trishaws and carriages.

The Indonesian Hindu community in Jogjakarta also enlivened this carnival. This contingent stole the attention because it carried a miniature temple. Followed by the folding bicycle community, the othok-othok toy community. There is also a decorative carriage from members of the PHRI Jog-jakarta. This time it also involves the tourism police who also play a role in tourism in the city of Jogja,” said Arya. (dwi/laz/gp) is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you