Aquascape DIY Finding a Fitting Aquarium Filter Aquarium Designs

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Aquascape DIY Finding a Fitting Aquarium Filter Aquarium Designs – Hallo Friend Aquascape DIY Design, Kali ini Aquascape lovers akan membahas Aquascape DIY Finding a Fitting Aquarium Filter Aquarium Designs, Pembahasan Aquascape akan di ulas secara rinci cara menanam tanaman air dan perawatan Aquascape menyuburkan tanaman air alat aquascape DIY pembasmi Alga praktis ikan yang cocok untuk aquascape cara membuat alat DIY Aquascape dengan detail.

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For freshwater aquarium plants enthusiasts, a fitting filtration system for the aquarium usually base to the decision on the size of the tank and number of fish. Even for today’s aquariums, there are a wide variety of filter options available. Listed below are a few types of aquarium filter that may suit your situation:

Finding a Fitting Aquarium Filter

Wet/Dry Filters – This type is the ultimate in biological filtration and they are ideal for saltwater fish-only or large aquariums. They are called wet/dry filters because the biological filter media is exposed to both water and air. The design aid the production of beneficial bacteria. They do, however, require the most effort to set up and are rather elaborate. Most models are designed for placement under an aquarium and require an overflow box on the back. Most wet/dry filters include a sump/reservoir that holds auxiliary equipment along with the required water return pump.

Canister Filters – These provide superior biological, chemical and mechanical filtration for larger aquariums or aquariums with a large number of fish. Compared to power filters, canister filters require slightly more effort to set up and maintain. These multipurpose filters are ideal for saltwater aquariums, as well as freshwater planted aquariums.

Internal Power Filters – These filters have the space-saving feature of air- driven internal filter with the power and versatility of power filters. The work great with circulating water since they are placed near the bottom of the aquarium. These filters eliminate waste before it has a chance to settle along the bottom. They are generally intended for smaller aquariums, under 20 gallons.

Power Filters – These are among the most widely used aquarium filters. They provide excellent biological, chemical and mechanical filtration. The designs allow them to hang off of the back of the aquarium and are perfect for tropical fish aquariums. Filter cartridges are replaceable, making maintenance simple and convenient. Newer models feature either a biological filter pad or bio-wheel to further filtration processes.

Undergravel Filters – As expected, these filters are placed underneath a layer of gravel. They are air-driven and move water though the gravel, creating favorable conditions for biological filtration; once bacteria colonizes in the gravel they begin to break down waste materials. They are small and often inexpensive. They can be run by an air pump or powerhead. Models feature availability for both chemical and mechanical filtration.

Air-Driven Internal Filters – These inexpensive, box-like or foam filters are ideal for small aquariums with very small fish. They are strong enough to maintain good water conditions, but also gentle enough to keep fish free of harm. Most of these provide mechanical, chemical and biological filtration, and are placed conveniently inside your aquarium allowing you to place the aquarium close to walls.

However to achieve maximum results on aquarium filtration system, you may need more than one type of filter. To choose the right aquarium filtration systems, you must know exactly the conditions required by the aquarium community. Customize your situation and condition of the aquarium with proper filtration system that meets the required standards. Hope that the list of a few types of aquarium filters above are helpful to determine a fitting aquarium filter that suit to your situation.

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