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Pengertian Anggaran Beserta Jenis-Jenis Anggaran Lengkap – berbagi jawaban 4

Dikutip dari berbagai sumber terpercaya Pengertian Anggaran Beserta Jenis-Jenis Anggaran Lengkap – Setiap perusahaan haruslah mempunyai perhitungan yang baik mengenai apa saja yang ada di dalam perusahaan itu secara terperinci dengan detail walau sekecil apa pun itu. Dengan anggaran yang di perhitungkan dengan baik maka akan sanggup di perkirakan bagaimana perusahaan di periode mendatang. Untuk… Read More »

Invoice Factoring: Definition, Importance, How it Works

What it is: Invoice factoring is a financing arrangement in which your company sells invoices receivable to a finance company (called a factoring or factoring company) in exchange for liquidity. The factoring company will pay you cash from the invoice value you sell and collect it from your customers. The credit risk between the two is divided according… Read More »

Corporate Funding: Purpose, Type

What: Funding for the company (company funding) is an injection of money from donors to the company. Sometimes, we also refer to it as corporate financing. In general, there are two sources of funding: equity (shares) and debt. We call equity fund holders as stock investors, shareholders or company owners.  For debt, it can take various sources, ranging from bank… Read More »

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Invoice Factoring

The invoice factoring service has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Allowing the company to get cash right away is its main advantage. However, using the services of a factoring company requires the company to spend money to pay fees. What are the other advantages and disadvantages of invoice factoring? This article will elaborate on that. And, now, assume… Read More »