Basic Windows 10 Cortana Commands You Should Know

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Cortana as one of the latest features of Windows 10 is one of the things that is quite interesting to try. With this Cortana feature, Windows 10 looks more user friendly. But do you already know the basic commands when using Cortana? If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the basic commands you can use when interacting with Cortana. Oh yes, for those of you who are curious about who is actually the voice of Cortana, you can check the writing of the Voice of Cortana.

Cortana windows 10
Windows 10

All right, right away. Here are some basic commands for Cortana Windows 10. Maybe from some of these basic commands, you’ve used them and some of them might look new to you. The basic command for Cortana is divided into 3 parts, namely:

  • Order to get information
  • Command to manage schedule (schedule)
  • Commands to execute certain commands

There are two ways to use Cortana

You can use voice commands, or for the second way you can type commands in the Start Menu directly. If you choose the former, you must activate the call command feature “Hey Cortana” . With the active feature, then you can say “Hey Cortana” to perform voice commands without pressing the cortana key. If the Cortana feature on your PC / Laptop is not active, please read How to Activate Cortana Windows 10 (will explain how to activate Cortana on Windows 10 in full step by step)

Some basic Cortana commands

What time is it
Used to ask for the current time in your area. For example, when you are in Indonesia – Yogyakarta. Then Cortana will automatically display the current time in the Jogja area of ​​Indonesia. It’s different if you ask. What time is it in US? then Cortana will answer the time according to the region in the US (United State).

Set an alarm / Show me my alarm
An easy way to set an alarm with this one command. With this command, you can set an alarm as needed. You can also turn off the alarm that you have created via the command “turn off alarm”.

Set a reminder
Use this command to create a reminder (reminder).

Tell me a story
If you want to hear a short story from Cortana, please try this one command. Sometimes it’s the same story. But sometimes it’s different.

Surprise me
The command for Cortana to surprise you as the owner of Windows 10. Curious? just try it.

Play music / Stop music
Used to play music or to stop the music that is currently playing. This will really help you when your position is far from the laptop but you really want to turn on the music without having to get close to the laptop.

windows 10 cortana command
Cortana basic commands

Asking Nila currency exchange . Example with the order Rupiah to USD

In this way, you only need to ask the exchange rate from a certain currency to another. So you don’t have to check in a browser or in an exchange rate checking application.

Questioning prominent figures. Example: Who is the president of Indonesia? or Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
Now for this one you can improvise by asking the owner or a certain place that is quite famous.

Asking for Directions . Example : Show me directions to [place]
With this command, we can ask Cortana for directions to an area or a place. Later when we ask or order the command Cortana will immediately open the Bing Map.

Opening the Application . Example: Open Google Chrome or Open File Explorer.
Used to open applications that are in Windows 10. By starting the command “Open” […] ” then Cortana will open the application in question without having to click on the application that we want to run or we want to open. We can also open other applications such as Office Word, Photoshop, Corel, etc.

Those are some basic Windows 10 Cortana commands that you can try. Actually there are still many basic commands in Cortana. And of course, these commands will increase as Windows is updated with the latest updates. Cortana database will also grow and become more complex. This article was written in February 2016. If there are basic Cortana commands that may not be listed, please mention them in the comments column below this post. GREETINGS WINDOTEN!!