Belt Sander Machine reviews, functions and how to use it

By | Maret 22, 2021
Belt Sander Machine reviews, functions and how to use it

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Belt Sander Machine, Functions, and How to Use the Belt Sander Sander. A belt sander is a sanding machine consisting of a pair of rotating drums to rotate the tape sander so that it can smooth the surface effectively. Belt sander machine sandpaper has a very aggressive movement and for beginners, it is quite difficult to use.

Belt Sander Machine reviews, functions and how to use it

Belt Sander Machine reviews, functions and how to use it

Effectively, the function of the belt sander is as follows:

  • Sand the surface of wood or the substrate that is still rough.
  • Peeling paint during the refinishing process.

Smoothing a large enough surface.

  • Belt sander machines have various types including:
  • Stationary belt sander that is fixed to the table.
  • Portable belt sander that is used by hand.

The belt sander that is most often encountered and used is the portable belt sander because it is flexible enough to use and its mobility is easy. Just like other sanding machines, the belt sander also uses the sandpaper grit that is circulating in the market. In terms of size, there are two types of portable belt sander machines, namely based on the width of the sandpaper. Some are 3 ″ and some are 4 inches.

How to Use a Belt Sander Machine

Using a belt sander, several steps must be done, namely:

  • Preparation of safety materials: masks, glasses, gloves.
  • Before you start sanding, you need to choose the right sanding belt for the job. Start with sandpaper that has a coarse grit, such as 40, 80, or 100; this will help remove most of the rough surface. Then use sandpaper with a finer grit, such as 180, to finish the project. To insert the belt into the sander, release the lever, usually found on the side of the sander, and slide it onto the wheel. Press lever closed to secure.
  • Secure the sanded material to the work surface with clamps. This step prevents the board from slipping when sanding it.
  • Turn on the sander and let it run for a few seconds to increase speed. Starting with the back of the sander, easily remove the belt sander machine against the wood. Make long, even strokes along the grain. Apply steady pressure to the sander, but avoid pressing too hard as this can damage the board. Check your work often.
  • When done, remove the sander belt from the board. Check the sawdust bag. When full, remove the bag from the belt sander machine, empty it, and put it back in. Next, replace the sanding belt with a smoother one, and repeat the sanding process to finish your job.