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Best Liquid Cooling Kit 2021: Review Buying Guide

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If your computer gets too hot, you’ve come to the right place: today we bring you the best liquid cooling kit. Your PC, without a power supply, would be an invisible ornament. However, this energy carrier, distributed throughout its components, can cause your computer to reach high temperatures. If you want to avoid this, a liquid cooling kit is for you.

Planet earth is about 150 million kilometers away from the sun. It is the perfect distance as if we were a little closer we would burn. Conversely, if we were a little further away, our planet would be frozen. Nature, in its great disorder, knows how to find a balance. This balance is what we need to achieve in our PC.

ekwb water cooling kit,best cpu cooler,aio liquid pod,aio water cooling is cheap,DIY water cooling pc,best pc coolant,aio water cooling 240,the best liquid aio

ekwb water cooling kit,best cpu cooler,aio liquid pod,aio water cooling is cheap,DIY water cooling pc,best pc coolant,aio water cooling 240,the best liquid aio

The most important things in a nutshell

  • A larger size of the radiator and fans will make you get even less overheating because having a larger fan you will be able to remove more heat. By increasing its size, the fan turns fewer revolutions, which means that on the one hand, it affects the power and noise produced by the liquid cooling kit
  • Noise is not an issue to be overlooked. Traditional ventilation systems, air heatsinks, are generally noisier than the liquid cooling kit. This is another reason why many decide to adopt this second cooling method.
  • In addition to being one of the basic purchase criteria, design is nevertheless an aspect that buyers pay particular attention to. Some liquid cooling kits feature a series of LEDs in different colors. These, in addition to keeping the temperature at bay, personalize your device with attractive and elegant lighting.

Our selection of the best liquid cooling kits on the market

A great liquid cooling kit is important for your computer to work at a suitable temperature, especially if you use it frequently, for example, playing video games or watching videos. For this reason, we offer you a selection of the best liquid cooling kits of 2021 that will help you dissipate the heat.

  • The liquid cooling system preferred by reviews
  • The best performing liquid cooling kit
  • The cheapest liquid cooling system
  • The liquid cooling system available in several versions

The liquid cooling system preferred by reviews

The Corsair brand stands out as one of the most popular among consumers. With a high level of satisfied users, the Hydro Series H100x model has a modular assembly for quick and easy installation. Additionally, this liquid cooling system incorporates two 120mm fans that run between 600 and 1700 rpm. This particular model has a white LED on the pump head, but there are several options with different sizes and different colors in the lighting.

The best performing liquid cooling kit

NZXT Kraken is designed to cool your computer and maintain optimum performance even in heavy use situations, such as in video games. The X62 model incorporates a layer of nylon as extra reinforcement for its rubber hoses. It has two 140mm fans each to help dissipate heat. Thanks to the CAM software, it is possible, among other things, to change the rotation speed of the fans.

The cheapest liquid cooling system

The Master Cooler liquid cooling system is made of aluminum and is designed for easy installation. It is compatible with most Intel and AMD systems and has a dual heat dissipation pump that produces noise of less than 8 decibels. MasterLiquid has two 120mm radiators that rotate between 650 and 2000 revolutions per minute. Finally, it should be noted that this model incorporates a series of LEDs that add more elegance to this component.

The liquid cooling system available in several versions

The liquid cooling system of Enermax Liqmax combines performance and silence, is compatible with all major CPUs, and is equipped with polyamide tubes to ensure safety against leaks and ease of assembly even in a small space. It has a dual-fan 120mm radiator and is also backlit, as well as being sold with a thermal paste. It is available in multiple versions and different sizes.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about the liquid cooling kit

Some of the components of your computer can suffer damage that requires high economic costs, especially if you have a computer assembled and customized to perform tasks with high performance. For this reason, you can invest your money in one of the best liquid cooling kits which increases the life of the components. Below we will try to resolve any doubts that may arise before buying one.

How does a liquid cooling kit work?

To use a computer, as with many other electronic devices, you need a power supply. Certain activities, such as viewing videos or photos, playing video games, require high performance. All of these imply an increase in energy consumption.

As the energy required by your computer increases, the heat generated increases, especially in components such as the processor or video card. One of the systems that you usually see adopted, to avoid damage to these parts as the temperature rises, is made up of fans that dissipate the hot air generated by the increased energy consumption.

However, it is not a sufficient solution to solve your problem. A liquid cooling kit offers a higher level of dissipation. The coolant, driven by a pump, circulates through a closed circuit and absorbs the heat. After that, the liquid is sent to a radiator. There, thanks to a fan, the liquid is cooled and ready for a new cycle.

What are the components of a liquid cooling kit?

The parts that make up a liquid cooling kit may vary from one model to another. However, they usually have many elements in common, such as of course the coolant. Below, we will tell you in detail about some of the key components that make up the liquid cooling kit:

  • Coolant: Usually it is distilled water or a mixture of water with another component. It is more efficient than air cooling systems. We advise you not to use tap water.
  • Water circuit: these are the ducts in which the coolant circulates.
  • Hydraulic pump: this is the mechanism that circulates the coolant in the circuit
  • Radiator: This is the final part of the circuit where the coolant arrives after having removed the heat along the way.
  • Fans: its task is to cool the hot liquid that reaches the radiator. Once the fans have accomplished this, the cooled liquid is ready to get back into circulation.

What maintenance does a liquid cooling kit require?

Liquid cooling kits generally do not require a lot of maintenance. However, it is important that you take a look at the device from time to time and do not neglect it. Some PC veterans tend to change their coolant over the months. The frequency of replacement depends on the ease of assembly and disassembly of your liquid cooling kit.

To improve the air circulation in your kit it is important that you also pay attention to the hot air outlet section, cleaning it every time dust settles there. Always make sure that there are no leaks in the duct in which the coolant circulates. Reading the instruction booklet will be useful for you to learn more about the maintenance method.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a liquid cooling kit?

Installing a liquid cooling kit will require an investment in time and money. However, if you have never made installations of this kind, it may be difficult for you to do one. So what are the benefits of a liquid cooling kit? Why do you have to complicate your life by installing a new one in place of the existing one?

The main advantage of a liquid cooling kit is that it can dissipate more heat than an air cooling system. If your computer is always in use, both for playing games and for playing multimedia files, the kit we propose is for you. Furthermore, another advantage in its favor is the silence.

For which devices is the use of a liquid cooling kit recommended?

The liquid cooling kit is mainly recommended for stationary (desktop) computers. Enthusiasts and computer experts usually assemble their devices and take into account, in doing so, the space required to insert the cooling kit. The lack of space can be the real obstacle for you during installation.

The technical and physical aspects are not the only important things: you must also take into account the use you make of your computer. If you use it intensively, you run the risk of some components, such as the processor and video card, overheating excessively. To avoid these problems it is recommended to install this type of system.

Are liquid cooling kits safe?

Combining an electrical system with a liquid one, at first glance, may seem like a bad idea. The risk is that your liquid kit can leak. For this reason, it is important that you periodically review the kit and check for leaks. This malfunction can put your PC at risk and damage it.

The liquid cooling kit is not very dangerous if you work carefully. We advise you to choose reliable brands, to read user reviews, and above all to make sure that the installation is done correctly. If you have other doubts, we suggest you consult the manufacturer’s data or an expert.

Purchase criteria

A great liquid cooling kit prevents your computer from overheating. By adopting this system you will improve the CPU performance of your PC and increase the useful life of some components, such as the processor or the video card. To proceed in choosing one kit over another you must take into account some criteria. Here we show you the most important ones.

  • Component size
  • Noisiness
  • Power
  • Design
  • Price

Component size

On the one hand, the size of the fan is a determining factor when choosing one cooling kit over another. A smaller fan will spin more revolutions to move the same amount of air as a larger one. Also, increasing the number of revolutions can increase the noise produced.

On the other hand, the larger the size of the radiator, the greater the ability to maintain the lower the temperature. You have to take into account that the larger the size of the radiator and the fan, the more they will affect the total space that the kit will occupy on your computer. For this, you need to find the balance between the cooling capacity and the space you have.


In general, liquid cooling kits are less noisy in dissipating heat than traditional systems on the market. This does not mean that liquid kits are silent. In the technical characteristics supplied by the manufacturer, the noise level is usually indicated in decibels (with the dB symbol).

For example, the Deepcool, which we talked about earlier, has noise levels between 17 and 30 decibels. On the other hand, the Cooler Master is a quieter model, as it does not exceed 8 dB. You have to evaluate to what extent the noise can be annoying and then choose a model that presents an excellent compromise between this aspect and its other characteristics.


Through the term power, we want to indicate the cooling capacity of a specific kit. This is determined, as mentioned above, by the size of the radiator and the fan. Fan power is a very influential factor. The higher the number of revolutions it performs per minute, the greater its power and the greater its effectiveness on your device.


Of course, the main purpose of the liquid cooling kit is to prevent your device from overheating. However, for many users, the appearance of their computer is also important. Therefore some liquid cooling kits incorporate LEDs of different colors, which can give your device an attractive aesthetic characteristic.


Surely you have been wondering what the cost of a liquid cooling kit is. On the market, there is a wide range of models with different price ranges. The cost varies between 70 and 300 euros. As mentioned, there are cheaper options and more expensive options.

The brand of the product you choose must be reliable. In recent years, many manufacturers have gained an excellent reputation for the quality of the products offered to the customer. Don’t forget that for some components of your computer you have already made some initial investments, contained in the purchase price. For this reason, you must keep them safe from high temperatures, so as not to damage them.


Some activities you do on your computer can be more energy-consuming. This factor causes your computer’s temperature to rise, putting certain components at risk. For these reasons, you must pay attention to your device’s cooling kit.

Often, traditional stock heat dissipation systems installed in your PC do not perform as well in high temperatures. Liquid cooling kits are a good alternative. Before making your choice, make sure the kit is compatible with your device. If you have any doubts about noise, for example, don’t forget to consult the data provided by the manufacturer.

We hope we have been of help in choosing the best liquid cooling kit. For any clarifications, please leave us a comment or a question, we will reply as soon as possible!