Blank Laptop and Striped Screen After Installing Windows 10

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Overcome laptop with streaky and blank screen after installing windows 10. I experienced this experience when I first installed Windows 10. Initially, when the Windows 10 installation was completed and used for several days, I did not experience any problems (meaning it was safe and secure) both in terms of appearance and drivers. But the problem arose when on the third day, the screen was striped and suddenly a black screen (blank) . If you are also experiencing something similar like that. Then what is the solution? Here’s the solution I used to deal with the blank screen and the streaky screen (according to my experience).

First identification

After googling and looking for several sources of information, finally got the conclusion that the problem occurs because the VGA driver is not compatible (not compatible with Windows 10). When I remembered that it was true. Because when you install Windows 10 on a friend’s ASUS brand laptop, a similar problem occurs. Namely, after I installed the VGA driver (at that time the VGA driver was Nvidia) directly from the ASUS default CD, after a while the screen started to line and in other conditions it immediately blanked, I couldn’t enter Windows, (only a blank display). It turns out that the main problem is the VGA driver that does not match.

How to handle it?

download drivers
Download the VGA driver directly from the official website

The trick is to replace the VGA driver that is already installed or by installing the latest VGA driver that supports Windows 10.

Method 1:

The solution to this is to download the latest VGA driver that supports Windows 10 directly from the official website. For example, if your laptop is ASUS, go directly to the ASUS official website, if your laptop is TOSHIBA, go directly to the official TOSHIBA website. If the official website does not support Windows 10 drivers, it is recommended to go to the second way.

download drivers windows 10
Example of direct download from NVIDIA

Method 2:

If the first method doesn’t work, then the second method is to download the latest VGA driver directly from the VGA vendor’s official website. Examples are direct from NVIDIA or ATI.

After the two ways you did. God willing, your laptop will return to normal again. No more streaky screens and no more blank screens. If you have further questions, please ask in the comments column below this article. Hopefully this little sharing is useful for all of you. GREETINGS WINDOTEN!!