Blibli Partners, Record Positive Growth -

Blibli Partners, Record Positive Growth – Blibli Mitra, part of Blibli’s integrated ecosystem that focuses on digitizing grocery stores, has presented integrated digital business solutions to more than 100 thousand partners in 34 provinces since its launch in 2020.

Through an application-based system, partner shop owners and other small merchants can easily increase their income through top-up and bill payment services, as well as help place orders for stock items through the stock-fill feature.

As an appreciation for this achievement and at the same time as an effort to expand the distribution of partners in the country, Blibli Mitra held a Million Prize Hunt program for the period from May 23 to August 14, 2022, with prizes worth hundreds of millions of rupiah and business capital for grocery store owners throughout Indonesia.

Hansel, Vice President of Blibli Mitra said “The holding of the Million Prize Hunt program underscores Blibli Mitra’s ongoing efforts in assisting the growth of grocery stores as one of the drivers of the national economy.

We hope that grocery store owners throughout Indonesia can take advantage of the opportunity to join and win prizes from this program.

Through online-to-offline (O2O) business solutions, Blibli Mitra is committed to supporting the revitalization and digitization of SMEs through an integrated digital system that makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to manage supply through a broad product coverage and effective distribution.”

The Million Prize Hunt Program itself provides the opportunity for small and medium-sized grocery store owners to get a total prize worth hundreds of millions of rupiah, consisting of 6 units of Yamaha motorcycles, 150 gold bars, and 1000 partner balances for lucky partners.

“The important role of stalls and grocery stores in maintaining retail turnover at the smallest level encourages Blibli Mitra to consistently help shop owner partners improve skills and competitiveness in an integrated and comprehensive manner.

Therefore, the Million Prize Hunt program was held to expand the benefits of Blibli Mitra to more other potential partners throughout Indonesia,” continued Hansel optimistically.

Blibli Mitra itself is a special application that supports shops and micro, small and medium enterprises by increasing income through various digital services by utilizing the complete Blibli ecosystem, including product distribution, top-up, bill payments and train tickets.

Blibli Mitra is here to bring fresh air in revitalizing this industry and opening opportunities for all grocery store owner partners in Indonesia by joining as partners.

Through the Million Prize Hunt program, Blibli Mitra invites grocery store owners throughout Indonesia to join and take advantage of the opportunity to grow with Blibli Mitra.

Grocery store owners can easily join through the Blibli Mitra application on Google Playstore or access, potential partners can enter their cellphone number and will receive a secret code via SMS, after that verify by uploading their ID card and selfie photo. and fill in complete personal data and business data.

Once successful, the account will be processed in a maximum of two working days by the Blibli Mitra team to be able to start transacting.

There are many benefits that can be obtained by grocery store owners who join Blibli Mitra, such as one of the various payment methods, ranging from Partner Balance, Cash on Delivery (CoD), to payments with tempo.

Blibli Mitra also provides free shipping for partners for every order up to 50 kilograms, and a minimum transaction of IDR 100,000.

Blibli Mitra also puts forward customer-centric principles in its various customer services, such as 24/7 call centers, responsive field teams and digital training from Mitra Care for partners, H+1 delivery, to easy stock orders through the Fulfillment by feature. Blibli (FFB) supported by 15 warehouses and 30 hubs throughout Indonesia.

In line with all of the above commitments, many of the grocery store owners who have joined Blibli Mitra have really felt the benefits of the related partnership.

One of the positive responses came from Mariman, the owner of Toko Riska in East Jakarta, who admitted that he received additional education beyond the ease of access to trade products.

“Blibli Mitra introduced me to a variety of digital products that I didn’t expect to become merchandise in the shop.

Shopping has also become simpler using the application and tomorrow it will definitely arrive,” said Mariman.

With the positive responses given by partners, in the future Blibli Mitra will continue its commitment to provide innovations that provide benefits and convenience.

The reach of its partners will also continue to be expanded to various parts of the country, from Sabang to Merauke.

“Blibli Mitra is optimistic that it can achieve the target of expanding market access in 2022, namely through omnichannel solutions to help small and medium-sized commerce players face challenges as well as develop through the use of integrated digital technology,” concluded Hansel.

Blibli Partners Travel

To date, Blibli Mitra has presented various innovations that support the business progress of partners and has succeeded in attracting more than one hundred thousand partners throughout Indonesia with 3 (three) leading categories at Blibli Mitra, namely basic necessities (cooking oil and bread), personal care needs. (shampoo, soap, and toothpaste), as well as kitchen cleaning liquid.

The Blibli Mitra journeys include:

  • July 2021 – Launch of Blibli Mitra Beauty targeting the cosmetic market.
  • October 2021 – Organic Partner Launch, where anyone can be a partner.
  • November 2021 – Blibli Mitra provides easy reach by being present in 33 provinces in Indonesia and 362 cities and districts.
  • January 2022 – Blibli Mitra presents the most complete area for PDAM postpaid payments in 276 areas.