Build Your Own Magnetic Generator

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Wondering whether you can get 100% free green electricity for your house or your office? Building your own free energy magnetic power generator can provide you that free energy. The guide on how to build your generator includes simple and easily followed plans, that will let you create your own free energy generator. A medium to small sized magnetic generator can be made by anybody, with no skills needed in about 2 hours.

What Are The Cost of Building Your Own Magnetic Power Generator?

The cost of making your own magnetic generator is much less expensive than most people think. The generator that I made using the plans cost me a little over a $100 and could power almost a third of my house, which cut my power bills by 30%. If I building either 2 or 3 more (or a larger one) I will be able to be able to live of my green generators and never have to pay my bill.

What Tools Are Needed?

Simple household tools such as a screwdriver is really all you will need. The materials you will need can be bought at hardware stores similar Home Depot.

What Are The Benefits?

Having magnetic power generators have great benefits. The best part about a magnetic generator is that it is totally dependent on the weather conditions around you. Another upside about building an magnetic generator is that it is a lot cheaper.


  • Works in almost all weather, whether it is extremely cold or hot
  • Is built with cheap and common materials found all around the world
  • Only needs a small area of space to work
  • Can get rid of a significant part or your entire power bill
  • Has simple steps that any beginners can follow

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Useful information magnetic generator:

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