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Business Angel Summit 2022: Fresh focus on impact investing

 Blockpit, Innerspace, Purency or Rotable – there are now dozens of successful examples from the Austrian start-up scene that investors were able to get to know better at an aws i2 Business Angels event. As a signature event, the Business Angel Summit organized  by Austria Wirtschaftsservice and the Tyrolean location agency brings together the most exciting founders and best investors in the state every year in Kitzbhel. Accordingly, new deals are threaded and announced there every year.

This year, the Business Angel Summit will take place on July 8th – and once again it can come up with a jam-packed programme. In addition to the pitches from exclusively selected startups that are ready for investments, there will be numerous star guests on the stage. Governor Gnther Platter, Tina Dreimann from Better Ventures, Heinrich Grller from Speedinvest, Russell E. Perry from kompany or refurbed co-founder and CEO Peter Windischhofer have already announced their plans. They will also contribute to the important insights into the business.

Impact Investing: 3 slots for suitable startups

At the Business Angel Summit this year, the focus will be on the Impact Investing trend. On the topic of “doing good and making money”, there will be a separate panel at the event with representatives from Speedinvest, Fair Finance, and Better Ventures to discuss how investors can get involved in the fight against the climate crisis and social challenges and whether Impact also promises good multipliers. In addition, three of the coveted twelve startup tickets are reserved for impact startups.

It will also be about getting more women into the business angel scene. For this purpose, the Female Investors Network will bring female investors to the event for the first time. To date, women have been greatly underrepresented among business angels – which also means that relatively few female start-up founders receive financing. A higher proportion of female investors is seen as a means of increasing the number of female founders. Austria Wirtschaftsservice takes this into account by also awarding the “Business Angel Investor of the Year” since 2021 – the current award winner is Karin Kreutzer.

Other partners of the summit are the European Super Angels Club, Jarolim+Partner, Venionaire Capital and Binder Grsswang.

Submit pitch decks by May 22nd

Startups who want to pitch to the event’s business angels can now apply to participate. Documents can be submitted online by May 22, 2022 at the latest to be involved in the selection of the best teams.

Participation in the event will definitely pay off for all founders. Because they will be presented to all, now 425 investors of the largest Austrian investor network aws i2 Business Angels. Accordingly, it will be exciting to see which deals will be created as part of the  Business Angel Summit  2022 in Kitzbhel.

Investors and startups can now apply for the summit:

Criteria for startups:

  • The startup has an advanced prototype and market entry has taken place or is expected to take place by Q1/2023
  • There is a clearly recognizable unique selling point
  • The product/service is scalable and addresses a large and/or new market
  • The company has basic financing (e.g. through funding or own funds) and does not yet have a professional investor
  • The company is currently actively looking for investors and requires an investment of max. EUR 1 million.
  • “Impact on Planet / on People” startups have 3 fixed starter places (of 12)