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By | June 2, 2022

Assalammualaikum, wr, wb.


Hallooowwww my boss,,,,, how are you maintenance workshop friends, warm greetings from me, I hope you are doing well, now in this article, I am bringing up the title of an article about digital scale calibration or how to calibrate the Sayaki scale indicator with type A1-5.

Have you ever heard of this scale indicator? Well, if you haven’t, let’s see how to calibrate this Sayaki indicator type A1-5.


Basic theory

Sayaki indicator scale calibration type A1-5.jpg
Sayaki indicator calibration type A1-5

Digital indicators or digital scales are certainly very modern because they are very different from analog scales.

Yes yes lah……

Well, a few days ago, I calibrated digital scales or indicators for this Sayaki brand, bro, and even then, a tutorial was given from the seller.

Before there was a tutorial, we tried to install this Sayaki indicator, it turned out to be difficult, now this Sayaki brand digital indicator is of type A1-5. Has 2 buttons to enter the settings menu and the calibration menu.

Of course, in our experiment in calibrating the Sayaki scale indicator, it didn’t work on the first day because the tutorial will only be sent the day after tomorrow.

All our work is in vain. But at least we try and test the scales, indeed there are some things that we can take in the process, something that my friends must know that nothing is in vain in doing a difficult job even though it doesn’t work because in my opinion it is an introduction or a kind of early learning.



Therefore I want to explain some of the specifications of this Sayaki indicator to friends.

1. The Sayaki indicator type A1-5 has an ON / OFF button on the back or rear view on the indicator.

2. This Sayaki scale indicator uses a DC current with a voltage of 8.3 VDC.

3. The Sayaki scale indicator has 2 buttons to go to the setting or calibration menu

4. The maximum load capacity on this sayaki indicator is 100000 kg or 100 tons.

5. It is easy to calibrate the indicator if you already understand it.

6. It has a 9 pin male DB connector as well as a female.

7. That’s enough… hehe

Now, the specifications for the explanation above on the Sayaki indicator type A1-5 have already been explained. Do friends have any thoughts. want to upgrade the old scale indicator with a new indicator with this Sayaki brand.

If friends want to replace the old indicator with a new one as I explained, friends can contact us at this dino 081272378783 no wa…

For how to calibrate Sayaki’s scales, friends, you can see the video I made below because I have edited it in such a way so that you can understand it carefully, both from how to enter the settings menu and so on.

Here’s the video:

Well guys, tanfan and full, peeing…. please watch the video above, hopefully it can provide an explanation in a steady and steady manner.


I think it’s enough for calibrating the Sayaki scale indicator, I hope you guys can understand the video we explained….thanks for watching baby…(I’m joking grandiose)

Kind regards….

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