Car Features – Honda Models Not Sold in Japan

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Believe it or not, Honda assembles a variety of motor related items such as cars, motorcycles, engines for various items, power equipment, robots (remember ASIMO?), mountain bikes, aircraft, and previously ATVs and solar cell. They also participate in motorsports in both two and four wheels and still active as of today. While Honda isn’t a part of any larger conglomerate, they are still a larger company and sell a sizable number of vehicles worldwide.

In this series, we shall discover vehicles built by Honda (cars, as including motorcycles would be a longer list) not sold in Japan. Acura vehicles would not be counted here. Before we start, current model line-up vehicles will be counted here and since Japan does not anymore dig pick-up trucks, they would not be listed here.

Honda Amaze/Brio Amaze
Basically the sedan version of the Brio hatchback, it was first released in 2013 for the Indian market and is notably the first diesel offering in that country. This is the smallest sedan in Honda’s line-up worldwide, if you live in India, Thailand, or the Philippines since these markets have this car.

Honda Brio
Slotting the Fit/Jazz below in terms of size and price, this hatchback is sold in certain countries including India, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, and the Philippines. Similar to its sedan cousin, it uses a 1.2 engine although our market gets 100cc more.

Honda BR-V
The fourth vehicle utilizing the Brio platform, the BR-V (Bold Roundabout Vehicle) is an Indonesian based vehicle where a requirement of consumers needing and wanting an inexpensive SUV that rides higher, looks good, and can fit seven people in one go. Similar to several Hondas, this one is available in certain ASEAN and South Asian markets.

Honda Civic
No thanks to becoming larger in size, the regular Civic was dropped with the introduction of the ninth generation model in 2011. The Type-R, on the other hand, is also discontinued with the FK8 model not being offered to the Japanese market. Just think that our country is blessed to have the two models.

Honda Clarity
While the first generation model is sold in Japan through leases, the second generation one is only sold in selected dealerships in South California through retail sales. Apart from fuel cell propulsion, electric and plug-in hybrid versions, the latter being sold in all 50 states in the USA.

Honda CR-V
From October 1995 to August 2016 and four generation models throughout, the fifth generation CR-V isn’t anymore offered to the Japanese consumers. It was the first CR-V to offer a turbocharged engine and for ASEAN, the first Honda diesel.

Honda Crider

This Chinese exclusive model that is positioned between the Civic and Accord is based on a stretched platform of the City. Only one engine is available: a 1.8 gasoline paired to either a manual or an automatic.

Honda Gienia

Essentially the hatchback version of the sixth generation City, this is only sold for the Chinese market and was only launched last 2016. It also utilizes the same engine that the City has and the same with the transmission options. Base price for this vehicle is 90,000 Chinese Yuan or P675,000 and only China has it.

Honda Greiz

A sixth generation City with different styling only available in China (the original City model is sold alongside). Not sure if why we are counting this car though.

Honda Mobilio

From December 2001 until June 2008, the Mobilio (and the related Mobilio Spike) was only sold in Japan as a compact MPV but was discontinued and replaced by the Freed. The nameplate was revived in 2013 for the Indonesian market and is also sold in several ASEAN countries and in India.

Honda Odyssey (North America)

In 1999, the models sold in North America was different from the ones sold for the rest of the world. While the second generation NA model was sold in Japan as the LaGreat, starting August 2004 it remained exclusive to that region. The fourth generation model was exported to several countries like South Korea, UAE (both models for different regions are sold), and the Philippines, the latter place sold until 2015 where the Asian market Ody replaced it.

Honda Pilot

With the crossover SUV craze catching on North America, the Pilot uses a platform shared with the Odyssey minivan and Accord sedan as well as the Acura MDX SUV. Similar to several Japanese rivals, it is not marketed to the Japanese consumers and it is only available in North America, Middle East, and the Philippines.

Honda UR-V/Avancier

Exclusively built for the Chinese market, the UR-V is positioned as their flagship SUV above the CR-V from October 2016 and is powered by either 1.5 or 2.0 turbocharged engines. Prior to this, the Avancier is a Japanese market only mid-size station wagon based on the Accord but was only sold from 1999 to 2003.

Honda WR-V

Sold only in India and South America, this Jazz based crossover uses the body of the hatchback but raised and has different styling to distinguish it further. Engine options are either a 1.2 diesel or a 1.5 gasoline and paired to a manual. Before anything else, this one meant as a Winsome Runabout Vehicle.

Honda XR-V

Another Honda vehicle only sold in China, the XR-V is essentially a HR-V/Vezel (the latter is sold in that country) with a different design in the front and back. This makes it five Hondas in which it is sold for the Chinese market only.