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Carrot halwa can be prepared with simple,everyday ingredients like carrots,milk,sugar and nuts which is the traditional way.
We can also make it rich with milk powder or condensed milk or khoya or mawa. But this kind of preparation is subject to availability of ingredients.

Carrots peeled and grated-4 cups
Milk-2 cups (preferably whole milk )
Sugar-5 tbsp ( u can increase it if u like more sweetness)
Cardamom 3-crushed or powdered
Ghee-2 tbsp
Nuts -according to availability, fry in ghee.


Take a heavy bottomed pan(preferably non stick) and heat the ghee.Saute the grated carrot for about 5 to 6 minutes. Add milk.Now cook the carrot and milk with frequent stirrings in between until the milk evaporates.At this stage add the sugar and ,nuts ,mix well.
Keep stirring to evaporate extra moisture in the halwa.After getting the desire consistency remove from fire and serve.

If you have condensed milk available ..Then add it one cup or half before adding the sugar. Taste it,if the sweetness is enough then skip sugar otherwise add it as required.
If you have khoya or mawa available then add it in the same way as condensed milk.
I wont recommend milk powder as it can not give a good flavor or enhance the taste.