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Now it’s viral on Instagram about cheap iPhones, refurbished iPhones and preorder iPhones… Then, many people order because it is very cheap. After that, there are many people who can’t wait to get the ordered items until they spam the whatsapp group many times. Check me if you get a notification every day in the group asking the same thing… “admin, when do you want to get an iPhone?”, “admin, which iPhone?”…duhh..

I have an order, can I just chill….haha… but this entry is not about me. If I get my item, thank God, but if I don’t get it….hmmm…I don’t know, but when I bought it, I was ready for any possibility. The money I spent is so much that I am willing to bear the risk of being cheated. Because online shopping is easy to get scammed, but the seller I bought from seems to be trusted… So, I hope the item arrives soon…

So, I want to ask you guys, if you have a business selling iPhones, do you want to sell it so cheap that you are willing to reduce the price by up to RM500 from the standard selling price in stores?
I don’t think anyone wants to sell cheap until the price is cut from RM700 to RM200…
Unless you still get a worthwhile profit even if you sell it at such a low price…

Can you imagine me pre-ordering a refurbished iPhone 5c for only RM200…
The average price at the store is about RM700 (I refer to the price at Lazada…)
So, how much profit did he make from selling the RM200 iPhone???

You must think suppliers can get cheaper when you buy wholesale, right??
I just want to ask, is there a retailer/store that is willing to give a discount of up to 70% (RM500/RM700 x 100%) to suppliers if they buy wholesale??
Let’s say… you have a stock of goods, then there are people who want to buy your goods….
Do you think… can you afford to give a discount of up to 70% because the person wholesales a lot?
It’s hard, isn’t it???

But, how can there be so many people selling this cheap iPhone? The item is mostly original. Even though the set is secondhand and refurbished, it is still considered original…
Weird right??

So, this entry is actually about the question playing in my head…
Before that, I want to tell you… what I want to convey does not necessarily reflect the real situation of the igshop that sells this cheap iPhone. This is just my possibility and assumption…

I got the idea for this entry from a conversation with a friend of mine.

So, like this…..
In my view…
Most of these cheap iPhones are all sold by preorder. Preorder means the customer has to pay first and the item will be received later. Maybe customers have to wait up to 8-12 weeks or even longer….

Purpose of preorder

According to instashop: To order in bulk when you have collected money from all customers.
My opinion: For the seller, you can hold the money first, then use the money to invest and get a profit.

I want to tell you about my opinion..
So, how does the seller get profit with the preorder money?
There are various types of investment that people can make to get profit when they have this capital, for example…
Play Forex.

*the seller I mean is not the instashop admin, but the seller who will supply the goods to the admin

The rules of playing forex you can refer yourself to, or any other reliable website. I agree with ustaz zaharuddin’s opinion that forex is haram. If you feel more confident with the opinion that forex is not haram, it is up to you. I’m not even an ustaz… but it’s best to stay away from syubhah matters…

Ok, a story about forex…

If you are good at playing forex, you can make thousands in a day or two.
Can you imagine if you can make up to a thousand a day?
If a week is how many thousand???
If it’s 8-12 weeks (2-3 months) how many thousand???
But, even if the loss is thousands…

How can you make a lot of money playing forex?? Like this…..

For example, you buy and trade USD 1,000.
At that time, the currency rate was USD1.00 = RM4.00
So, the amount of capital required = USD 1,000 x 4 = RM 4,000
With the leverage method, USD 1,000 can become USD 100,000. (Ratio 1:100)
So, you can trade USD 100,000 even if you only pay USD 1,000.

To continue this example, make a story…..

The next day, the US dollar increased to USD1.00 = RM4.0010 (not even a single cent went up)
Then, you decide to sell/close the USD 100,000 position at that price
So, the profit you will get from the sale = USD 100,000 x (4.0010 – 4.0000) = USD 100

In ringgit you will get = USD 100 x 4.0010 = RM 400.10

Did you see that?? Not even a single penny of the dollar went up, you can make a profit of up to RM400… That’s a lot…
Try if the US dollar goes up by one cent, you will have made a profit of RM41,000….
It’s new if the capital is RM 4,000…
If there is a backlog of customer orders, there are not thousands of seller’s capital..

This is just a simple example in general when playing forex. I only touch on the surface of the concept of forex so that it is easy for people to understand. I don’t even know the real way to play forex, because I’ve never played either. Haha… But based on what I read, that’s more or less how he is…. (If anyone else knows about forex and thinks what I wrote is wrong, please inform me…)

So, due to a worthwhile investment like this, I think the seller can sell the iPhone at a cheap price. Because there is a lot of profit as long as you use the customer’s money for those 2-3 months to make capital, so there is no such thing as buying an iPhone and selling it back to the customer at a cheaper price…. The customer money that was collected earlier as a result of the preorder is also a lot help the seller to make double profit. As far as deducting the cost of buying an iPhone to be distributed to the customer, there is no denying that it feels like a profit…. But, if the investment story is profitable… if it’s a loss, you have to think for yourself…

This is just my assumption. It is not necessary that the seller who sells this cheap iPhone plays forex. Maybe the seller has other investments that are very profitable for people to be able to cover the cost of the business even if they sell the iPhone at a cheap price… It’s a bit strange for a seller to want to sell an iPhone at a very cheap price without thinking about his own profit or loss.

All businesses have profit and loss.
I think for this preorder item, people have set a target to achieve how much profit from the investment, then they can buy iPhone stock for the batch. If the target is not reached, maybe the stock will be delayed.
So, if the stock is delayed… all the customers will end up clamoring for the whatsapp group. I also checked. I hope he can get my iPhone group batch soon… it’s a little safe…

This is just my opinion about the igshop that sells cheap iPhones.
I don’t want to say that the igshop admin did things like what I’m talking about…
Maybe the igshop admin only takes orders and gets a commission, it has nothing to do with the investment…
The investment is more on the top people owning the part…

If there isn’t something else that people do that can make a profit, I think I still doubt the ability of this instashop to sell iPhones so cheap..

Ok.. that’s it…

I hope you understand what I am saying. If anyone disagrees with me or wants to disagree with me…, they can say it in the comment section. Maybe you have a better opinion than me…

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This entry is just to invite you to think.
Not to accuse any party of things that are not.
Please read with an open heart and open-mindedness.
Thank you.

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