Chicken Stir Fry

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This chicken fry recipe is an Indian version of Chinese variety .Very light ,very juicy ,spicy yet subtle.Healthy and full of greens.No deep frying.


For Boiling Chicken:
Chicken-1 kilo
Mint stems with leaves-2 or 3 stems
dill leaves-2 or 3 stems
coriander leaves-2 or 3 stems
Garlic-6 cloves,chopped
Cinnamon-2 half inch pieces
Mace / Javitri-1/2 flower
Ground Pepper-1/2 tbsp. or whole dried red chilies-4
Water-1/2 glass( medium size)
salt-1/4 tbsp.

For stir Fry:
Oil-3 tbsp.
Onion-cut –ups
Green Chilies-4,slit length wise(optional,only if u want more hotness in the dish)
capsicum:1 big,cubed
French Beans-4 to 5(chopped in to 1 inch pieces)
spring onions-2 ,chopped(only greens)
Cilantro-2,chopped in to 1 inch pieces.
Ground Ginger-1 tbsp.
Ground Pepper-1/2 tbsp.
Coriander Powder-1/2 tbsp.
Jeera Powder-1/4 tbsp.
salt-to taste.
Chopped coriander,parsley,dill leaves for final garnishing

Boil the chicken with all the ingredients shown above under “For Boiling Chicken “ section on a low flame in a pan with a lid.After the chicken is fully cooked and very soft(by this time the water in the chicken is also very little), separate the chicken from from the stock.and also discard the spices we have put.
Now heat oil in kadhai and add all the vegetables ,little salt and fry for a while.Add chicken and fry for few more minutes.Now take 1/4 cup of the chicken stalk and add ground ginger,pepper,coriander,jeera and mix well.Add this mixture to the chicken and Fry for a while.adjust the salt.Garnish with chopped coriander,parsley and dill leaves.
Chicken stir fry is ready.
(The Photograph does not include all the vegetables mentioned here).
Add a little chicken stock when ever u feel the fry becoming dry.
You can refrigerate the leftover stock for some other recipes.