Clothes Don’t Dry and Smell in the Rainy Season? This is the solution!

By | April 16, 2021
how will you dry your clothes faster in rainy season,laundry in the rain,musty smell meaning

How to keep clothes or clothes smelly when the rainy season arrives, is guaranteed to be effective and keep it smelling good.

It’s starting to enter the rainy season, one of the problems we most often experience during the rainy season is clothes that smell and are difficult to dry. because we will provide some powerful tips to keep your clothes dry and don’t smell musty, even though they aren’t dried in direct sunlight. Let’s take a look at the info below!

how will you dry your clothes faster in rainy season,laundry in the rain,musty smell meaning

how will you dry your clothes faster in rainy season,laundry in the rain,musty smell meaning

how to wash clothes in the rainy season

1. Use a dryer

Most washing machines come equipped with dryers and you can use them to make clothes dry faster. With this machine, of course, your clothes will dry faster even though the weather is raining. If you don’t have a washing machine, you can use other tools such as fans and hair dryers to help dry clothes faster. After using the dryer, all you have to do is hang it and let it air dry until it’s completely dry.

2. Dry in a windy place

If you can’t hang it outside due to rainy conditions, you can make a clothesline on top of the house (with a roof) and have good air circulation so you can help your clothes dry faster. But if you don’t have a place to dry your clothes on the roof of the house, you can turn one room into an impromptu drying place. You can tie a clothesline or use a hanger. The addition of fans and lights to the room will help the drying process run faster.

3. Keep moisture

Humid conditions are one of the causes for clothes to smell bad. For that, keep the distance between clothes, don’t let you hang some clothes too close to make it easier for air to circulate between wet clothes. Try not to stick clothes together. Let the clothes dry in the room or on the porch of your house will only make it slow to dry. Besides, you also have to maintain the humidity in the room where you dry your clothes, one way is to put salt or silica gel in one corner of the room.

4. Rinse thoroughly

Leftover detergent or soap stuck to clothes can be one of the causes of bad odors and white spots on clothes, especially in the rainy season. Therefore, before drying it, rinse the clothes you wash thoroughly and make sure that no detergent is left behind. After rinsing with clean water, you can also soak it with fabric softener and perfume for 10-15 minutes.

5. Do not be stacked

After the laundry is completely dry after aerating, do not immediately accumulate it. Because this pile of clothes is one of the causes of bad odors in clothes. Once removed, you should iron the shirt, fold it or hang it, then store it in the cupboard. Make sure your wardrobe is kept moist too, Toppers, how can you add silica gel in it.

6. When ironing

If there are clothes that are not completely dry, you can iron them. But avoid spraying perfume on clothes that are not completely dry because it will smell musty. But if it still feels damp even though it’s been ironed, hang it up and let it air dry completely.

Also, avoid ironing clothes that are still wet or damp with maximum heat. Instead of making clothes dry, this makes the texture of your clothes damaged due to the maximum heat. You can follow the heat requirements listed on the shirt label.

7. Save clothes made from cotton and wool

Clothes made of cotton absorb more water and take longer to dry, even if they have been tumble-dried. So because of that, you should avoid using these two materials during the rainy season. Clothes are made from thin and falling materials, such as chiffon and spandex because they tend to dry faster.

With the tips above, your clothes are guaranteed to be odor-free and dry faster. good luck