Concrete Chainsaw Review, How it Works and Guide to Its Use

By | Maret 22, 2021
Concrete Chainsaw Review, How it Works and Guide to Its Use

Concrete Chainsaw, How It Works and Guide to Its Use. A concrete cutter is a type of heavy equipment commonly used in asphalt road cutting work or concrete roads.

The presence of concrete cut saws makes it very easy for contractors to do road cutting work or other things whose materials are made of concrete structures. Usually the structure of asphalt pavers and cast concrete is very hard, so this cutting job is not as easy as cutting a sheet of paper. This heavy equipment can be trusted by field workers who can cut asphalt and cast concrete accurately and cleanly.

Also, concrete cut saws are used to cut the surface of the concrete field into boxes to control so that when expansion and shrinkage occurs, the concrete surface remains stable and neat.

Operation of Concrete Cutting Saw

Before operating a concrete cutter, the operation manual should be read and understood to operate properly to avoid serious accidents. The operator should check the condition of the machine for good condition, and it is advisable to do some machine cleaning work.

Concrete Chainsaw Review, How it Works and Guide to Its Use

Concrete Chainsaw Review, How it Works and Guide to Its Use

Using a concrete saw is not as easy or as simple as having a hand saw. This is a very specialized tool that requires knowledge and training.

Determine if there are steel reinforcing beams in the concrete to be cut, at what size, where they are located, and how removing concrete blocks will affect the stability of the structure.

Evaluate if there are gas, water, and electricity lines in the area selected for cutting. If there is plumbing, cables, and other plumbing, make sure that they are disconnected from electricity.

Always keep one spare concrete saw in good working condition. The same should be true for knives. You don’t have to waste time on downtime if you have a spare unit.

Use a wet knife if working in an area where you want to control the amount of dust in the air. If you prefer a cleaner or more precise cut of reinforced concrete, use a diamond knife.

Control of cutting depth when cutting concrete. Cut only 1-2 times deep. If you apply too much pressure while cutting cement, the blades will wear out quickly and the concrete saw can slow down. Be patient and gradual and steady.

Always check the amount of water flowing into the area you are cutting. Too much water and the saw can turn out of control.

Don’t push too hard and let the saw down itself while cutting the rock. Forced pressure on the cement that won’t cut it faster.

Check saws and cement blades after use to make sure all elements are in optimal condition. Do not use concrete saws when they are damaged or worn.

Cut. Before cutting, the operator must raise the saw blade from the work surface, then start the engine until it reaches operating speed. Then the knife can be lowered onto the slab surface for cutting. The maximum cutting depth of the blade must not exceed, and the arbor flange does not touch the slab surface.

The operator occasionally looks at the cutting knife to keep it straight. After completing the cut, the operator must raise the saw blade high enough from the surface to clean the slab surface, then turn off the engine.