Don’t argue why it still doesn’t work..

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Friday greetings.

If we do something, then trust, don’t rely entirely on the efforts we have made that will bear fruit.

But, always remember that Allah knows best about everything. Sometimes we ask why I have done this, I have prayed, I am convinced that what I have done should be successful, but God still does not accept our request. We feel down.. Avoid feeling like this.

The reason is that God knows better when your wishes should be granted. Fast is not necessarily good and slow is not necessarily bad. This man is weak. I don’t know the supernatural. But God knows better the destiny that is suitable for us.

Always remember that God has the power to do anything and be sure that what God decrees is the best for us. Even if we think it’s not something we like.

Look for the good in whatever happens. Don’t focus on the problem alone.
So many short entries on Friday.