Easy Chocolate Truffles Recipe | Chocolate Truffle Recipe | Truffle Recipe Using Condensed Milk

By | Maret 17, 2023

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Easy Chocolate Truffles Recipe | Chocolate Truffle Recipe | Truffle Recipe Using Condensed Milk | Truffles Using Cocoa Powder And Condensed Milk

Chocolate truffles aren’t tough to make just a handful of chopped chocolate and condensed milk is enough to shortcut this delicious treat. These are named so because they look alike the mushroom kind known as truffles which are way too expensive. If you google you’d know much more about it. As Christmas is nearing I thought it would be the best time to post this one. You can make these and gift your friends or enjoy yourself. I have made this recipe with condensed milk which gives the truffles a velvety smooth texture.



Makes 8 truffles 
Total Preparation Time – 20 minutes (plus refrigeration time) 

  1. Milk Chocolate – 75 grams (compound such as morde or vanleer brands preferable or you can use regular milk chocolates too)
  2. Condensed milk – 50 ml
  3. Unsweetened Cocoa powder – 2 teaspoons 
  4. Nuts and raisins – 1 Tablespoon (use all or any one of these; roasted almonds, cashews and black raisins) 
truffles recipe  



  • Chop chocolate and set aside. See that chocolate is at room temperature. 
  • Fill a pan or kadai 1/4th with water and place on flame. Let it boil. 
  • To a heatproof bowl add condensed milk and place into the pan with water. (Double boiling method) After a minute add the chopped chocolate and stir well. (Make sure the bowl is smaller than the pan and also the water should just touch the bowl)
  • Add chopped nuts and raisins. Stir. 
  • Remove from flame after 30 seconds and stir well so that the chocolate melts well and there are no lumps formed. 
  • Keep aside for a few minutes. 
  • Then using a spoon scoop small portions and place on a tray sprinkle some cocoa powder and roll gently so it gets covered all sides. 
  • Place inside cupcake liners and refrigerate until you serve. The cocoa powder over the truffles will be bitter, if you don’t prefer that flavor you can add sweetened cocoa powder or hot chocolate drink powder. 

TIP 1: You can use dark chocolate instead of milk compound also. 

TIP 2: Initially the chocolate mixture will be gooey but after it reaches room temperature you will be able to scoop into portions.