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By | September 27, 2022

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In the last 3 years, new student registration or PPDB in public schools has implemented an information system that involves 3 pathways, namely Affirmation, Achievement, Zoning and Transfer of parental duties. At the beginning of the implementation of this system there were many pros and cons, it is understood that the existence of a new system is indeed a lot of problems faced.

Apart from that, many administrative document requirements must also be met. Like the previous experience at PPDB at the SD / MI level who will continue their schooling in Junior High School the conditions that must be met are to make Certificate of Value Report. Well, what is it report card certificate?.

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Certificate of Value Report is a collection of student grades starting from grade 4 semester 1, 2 to grade 6 semester 1. This report card grade certificate was initially required for students who followed the achievement path, but over time and the abolition of the implementation of the National Examination (UN), then Certificate of Value Report This is a must have for all students in the final grade.

Sample Certificate of Value Report

Certificate of Value Report

The purpose of Certificate of Value Report is to take the average value of all subjects that have been effective during the last 7 semesters.

Basically, time is often constrained when they want to work on this grade certificate, because as an operator or homeroom teacher, they must fill in all grades. However to avoid and rather to lighten the burden on the school operators there is a excel format to make a report card value certificate is faster and only takes one work.

Excel Format It contains 4 sheets, namely DAFNIL which contains all student grade lists from grade 4 to grade 6, as well as student names, student identification numbers, student NISN and names of guardians/parents. Then there is a CERTIFICATE sheet which contains a report card certificate sheet for each student, so you just fill in the DAFNIL then it will automatically appear on the sheet. Certificate of Value Report.

You can download the excel file below:

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