Fix Windows 10 Pro Brightness Not Working

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Windows 10 comes with a variety of interesting new features. But behind these features, sometimes there are some problems. The problem that has recently occurred on laptops that have Windows 10 installed is a problem windows 10 brightness that doesn’t work normally. The brightness button cannot be used. This problem happened to DELL laptops and ASUS laptops ours is installed windows 10 pro. Since the first time install, the problem of brightness or screen brightness has occurred.

At first I was confused, how to make the windows 10 brightness button normal again. If you have to re-install either with the same operating system or with an operating system below just because of the brightness problem, this will certainly take quite a long time. After a few how-to tutorials searched on several forums and blogs. Finally we found some ways that can be tried. Of these several ways, there is one way that has succeeded in returning the windows 10 brightness button. Hopefully this little sharing is useful and hopefully your windows 10 brightness can return to normal.

The First Way (Successful [SOLVED] on DELL Laptops)

The first method is quite very easy to do. When you first install Windows 10, of course, Windows needs to adjust to the laptop hardware. Therefore windows also need a name Update features and support. The first way to make the brightness button return to normal is to do Updates. The main requirement for this method is an internet connection (a stable connection is recommended, so that the update process can be completed quickly). For the case of a DELL laptop, the time it takes to perform an initial Windows 10 update is about 1 hour. This is because the connection is not too fast. Maybe for those of you who have a faster and more stable connection, the update can be done in less than 1 hour.

windows 10 updates
Update window (to solve the brittness that doesn’t work)

How to access windows updates:

Start – Settings – Update & Security – Windows update

access to windows 10 updates
Go to windows 10 update menu

After the update is complete (approximately 1 hour) – then restart the dell laptop – enter Windows 10 again. Finally the windows 10 pro brightness button that was installed on the dell laptop managed to return to normal as usual.

Just a suggestion, before trying various tutorials on how to restore an error windows 10 brightness. It’s best to try this method first. Besides being easy, this method also does not contain a high risk. Usually after the update is complete, the brightness button will be normal as usual.

Second Way (Works on ASUS laptop)

For the second method, this was successfully done on the windows 10 brightness button installed on the Asus laptop. You do this by changing the registry code in the registry editor. Precisely in the KMD_EnableBrightnessnterface2 section. For more details, please refer to the article Overcoming Windows 10 Brightness Button Not Working.

The Third Method (Can be used if the first and second methods don’t work)

For this third way, there are several ways. According to several blog and forum sources. This method worked for some people (windows 10 users). So basically the relative success rate depends on the brand, type and condition of each laptop and the type of operating system.

The steps:

First, enter the device manager by using the keyboard key combination windows + x. – select device manager Or by the way right click windows button – select device manager.

device manager windows 10
Access to device manager

Next, select on Display Adapter – double click (double click) then a graphic will appear on your laptop or PC. Select on Intel(R) HD Graphics and select Update Driver Software .

windows 10 display adapter
Display adapter – Intel HD – Update Driver

A new page will appear for the Intel (R) HD Graphics update. There are two options, choose the one Browse my computer for driver software .

Intel driver update selection
Browse my computer

When a new page appears. There are a few more options. Next, select the bottom on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

let me pick from
Let me pick from a list of devices

2 more options appear, please choose which one Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Next click the button next.

microsoft basic
Microsoft basic display adapter

Next will appear the process of installing the default driver from windows. When finished, repeat the steps above. The difference is in the last step you choose the driver Intel(R) HD Graphics.

intel hd graphics 3000
Intel(R) HD Graphics

Finally, if all you have done. Restart your laptop or PC and good luck.

The fourth way (another way to solve the error windows 10 brightness)

For the fourth method, it is also through the device manager as in the third method. The difference is for the third way through the display adapter, while for the fourth way it is through the monitor. You can do this fourth step if the previous steps have not been successful. But we remind you again, for the easiest and most accurate way, the first method is to update Windows 10 that you just installed. If it still doesn’t work, then you can try the next step. For the steps in this fourth method are as follows,

1. Open device manager (press the key combination windows + x – select device manager)

2. After entering the device manager menu. Then double click (double click) on Monitors. Next will appear Generic PNP monitorright click on ‘Generic PNP monitor’ then select uninstall.

generic pnp monitors
Uninstall generic pnp monitors

3. Perform a scan by pressing “scan for hardware changes” button at the top (monitor and magnifying glass symbol).

hardware scan
Scan for hardware changes

4. After the scan is done. Now try again the brightness slider or brightness button on your windows 10. Good luck.

Sometimes you can also solve the Windows 10 brightness problem by updating the Windows 10 VGA driver. Of course, this way you need an internet connection to update the VGA. For more details, you can try to watch the explanation in the video below. (source: youtube, language: english)

Here are some easy steps to restore brightness (brightness) on Windows 10 which often errors during the first installation. Remember to use the first method first by updating windows 10 before trying the second to fourth method. Hopefully this sharing is useful. And hopefully the brightness button in Windows 10 can return to normal as usual. GREETINGS WINDOTEN.