Forms of Foot Movement In Freestyle Swimming Is

By | Maret 5, 2021
Forms of Foot Movement In Freestyle Swimming Is

Swimming is a movement to move regularly in the pool swimming quickly using both limbs, namely the hands and feet regularly. Currently, swimming is very popular with many people, from children to adults, if you know that swimming has started to have competed at the Olympic level, and the swimming styles that are contested are freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke. , breaststroke, beautiful jumping style.

The form of leg movement in freestyle swimming is swinging the leg from top to bottom alternately which is done in the water regularly and consistently.

Forms of Foot Movement In Freestyle Swimming Is

Forms of Foot Movement In Freestyle Swimming Is

Freestyle swimming is a swimming style that is performed on your stomach or face down and parallels the water surface in the swimming pool. just information freestyle swimming is not suitable and is not recommended for the long-distance swimming process because the freestyle type of swimming requires a lot of energy and is in prime condition compared to other swimming styles.

In freestyle swimming usually has some basic techniques that must be mastered especially by every beginner swimmer. To be able to do freestyle swimming properly and correctly, an instructor must be accompanied so that injury does not occur during the learning process. Here are the basic techniques in freestyle swimming that you should know.

Glides – Foot Movement Techniques In Freestyle Swimming

This technique of sliding in the freestyle swimming movement is often done with the body on the stomach or face down and parallel to the surface of the body facing the water. When doing this move the position of your hands should be pointing straight forward and your legs straight back. and when sliding, keep your body in a relaxed position and try not to tense up to avoid injury.

Footwork – Foot Movement Techniques in Freestyle Swimming

The technique of moving the legs, usually in freestyle swimming, is done by swinging the legs alternately forward and down, which gives the effect of pushing our bodies forward in the water. The motion of swinging the legs is carried out in the water consistently and relaxed, so as not to run out of breath.

Hand Movement – Foot Movement Techniques In Freestyle Swimming

Hand movement techniques in freestyle swimming must be done by swinging your hands forward alternately smoothly. When you swing one hand, try to keep your body in a curved position according to the hand that is swinging regularly tilted to the rhythm of the hand swing when doing the freestyle.

Breathing – Foot Movement Techniques In Freestyle Swimming

The breathing technique in freestyle swimming is the essence of the swimming process. The inhalation technique is performed by turning the head to the mouth as it exits the surface of the water. The breathing technique is carried out slowly to avoid injury to the chest due to the entry of large amounts of water, if you fail to do the swimming breathing technique, try to be careful when the position of the hand swings forward and when the body is tilted in doing the freestyle.