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Who doesn’t know museums? Everyone knows what a museum is. But the problem now is that not many people like to spend time in museums. If there were no special orders or assignments from schools, today’s children might never come to the museum. For me, the museum is one of the educational tours that I like the most since I was a child.

Some time ago I took some of my friends for a trip. Every now and then we need to travel for a while so we don’t get tired because we work too often. The destination this time is the city of Semarang. Of course it is the Ronggowarsito Central Java Museum.

This museum is located near the Kalibanteng roundabout. One area with the entrance to Ahmad Yani airport. When we came to the museum, it happened to be under renovation. So there are some areas of the museum that are still closed. To be able to enter the museum each visitor is charged Rp. 4000,-. Cheap enough isn’t it. Instead of having to go to the mall which will run out a lot of money and not get any knowledge.

When we enter the museum we are greeted with a Kayon giant. In the first room, the history of the Ronggowarsito museum was also explained. In addition, photos and plans from the museum we are currently visiting are also listed.

In the next room we will enter the geography vehicle. In this room we can learn about soil layers and also the various types of rocks that exist in Indonesia, especially Central Java. In addition we can also find out how the process of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The next section is the prehistoric room. When we enter this room we will be greeted with a large ancient elephant statue. Then we can also see fossil ivory from ancient elephants that have been found in Central Java. In addition, we will also be shown the bones that are believed to belong to ancient humans who once lived in Central Java.

After that we will be shown the culture that developed throughout Central Java. Starting from the various buildings as well as the life of the indigenous Javanese people in general. Not only buildings but also the cultural creations of the Javanese people in general.

The deeper we go, we are shown the development of the people who live in Central Java in the modern era. There are examples of various kinds of money that have circulated in Indonesia in the past until now.

Actually there is still much we can learn from this museum. Also the rooms at the time we visited were closed because they were being renovated. Because there are too many, I cannot tell one by one what is in the Ronggowarsito museum. It would be nice for friends to come there alone and enjoy this extraordinary museum.

Have a good trip and study at the Ronggowarsito Museum with friends or family.

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