Heat Gun Review, Function of Heat Gun Power Tool

By | Maret 22, 2021
Heat Gun Review, Function of Heat Gun Power Tool

A heat Gun or heating gun is a blower that releases hot air with a very focused and very high temperature. A Heat Gun is a tool that resembles a hairdryer. Heat guns are useful for all kinds of home improvement, from softening old paint or putty to removing it. Heating guns are also great for removing all types of adhesive, including car bumper stickers you want to replace.

Heat Gun Review, Function of Heat Gun Power Tool

Heat Gun Review, Function of Heat Gun Power Tool

One of the advantages that the Heating Gun has over other heat generating devices is that it cannot burn. While fire can damage the surface you are trying to heat and even cause a fire, hot air from a heat gun is a safer heat source for home improvement projects.

Heat Gun function

The heating gun is capable of producing heat that is high enough, even up to hundreds of degrees Celsius. The following is the function of the heat gun:

Effectively Bends Iron

Because it was so hot, the heat gun machine could be used to bend iron. Because the air exhaled by this machine reaches 550 ° Celsius or about 1000 ° F. There are even some that reach 1,400 ° F.

Because of the heat, the machine can be used to bend iron. The trick is to spray the iron with air from the heat gun machine until the iron becomes very hot, then the bending or shaping process can be done by pulling the iron tip.

Peeling Stickers and Wallpapers

Another function of the heating gun machine is to remove stickers or wallpaper attached to glass and walls. To remove it easily, you can spray a hot gun machine on the sticker. After being sprayed for a short time, the sticker will come off by itself due to the evaporating adhesive so that it can be easily removed.

On the other hand, besides being able to be used to remove stickers, it turns out that the Heating Gun machine can also be used to strengthen the glue bond. The method used is to heat the adhesive until it dries faster so that it can adhere faster and stronger.

The trick is to evenly spray the Heating Gun onto the adhesive. However, it should be noted that the air flowed at one point is not too long, so it is necessary to adjust whether the bonding power is strong enough or not.

Effectively Removes Paint

Heat gun machines can also be used to peel off old paint. Suitable for those of you who want to change paint and have to remove the paint beforehand. Heat gun machines are often used to make this paint peeling easier.

With a heat gun machine, of course, the old wall paint will peel off faster. But, of course, spraying hot air needs to be evenly distributed, so that the paint peels off more evenly and minimizes waves.

Removing the Rusty Bolts

Another advantage of this heat gun machine is that it can help open rusty bolts or nuts. Of course, rusted bolts will be much more difficult to remove if you only use the hand tool. Therefore, to make it easier to remove the bolts and nuts, you need to spray the bolts with a heat gun machine so that the iron becomes softer so that it helps the removal process.