How to Access CMD Administrator in Windows 10

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If you are a Windows 10 user and are confused about accessing the command prompt in administrator mode. Here are two easy ways to access the administrator command prompt. This method is done on windows 10 64 bit. And almost can be practiced on all windows 10. Command prompt or often abbreviated CMD is a DOS on windows that will make it easier for users to explore windows. For certain commands, access rights are needed in the form of administrator level access rights. Therefore you need to know how to open a command prompt with administrator privileges. For the first way is by right click on the start menu. Choose command prompt(admin). See the image below.

how to access the admin command prompt
Right click start menu – select command prompt(admin)

The second way is by typing the command “command prompt” or “cmd” then right click on the command prompt select “run as administrator”. For more details see the image below.

how to access the administrator command prompt
Command prompt- run as administrator

Those are two ways that you can practice to access CMD on Windows 10. Actually, there are still many ways to be able to access the command prompt on Windows 10. But the two ways above are enough to open a command prompt with admin privileges. GREETINGS WINDOTEN.