How to Backup Windows Registry Files

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Are you confused how how to backup windows registry files. Well on this occasion, I will discuss a little about how to easily backup registry files. Why should it be backed up? because sometimes when you edit a registry file in the registry editor, then an error occurs, there will be changes that are difficult for you to restore. Therefore it is necessary to make a backup of the registry file so that it is easy to restore the registry to its original state. To back up the registry files, follow these steps:

Windows registry

First, make sure you have go to registry editor. If you don’t know how, you can read on “How to Open Windows 10 Registry Files”. Once you are in the registry editor, click the file and select export.

Export windows 10 registry files
Export registry files

A save box will appear. Select the place where you want to save your registry file backup. By default it will be saved in Documents . The default extension is (.reg). If you click Save. Then the registry file is backed up (safe).

registry file with .reg extension
Save the registry file

Now that’s an easy way to backup registry files from Windows 10. Then how to Restore (restore) registry files in initial conditions. The method is almost the same as the method above. To restore, select File – Import – Select the backup registry file what you did earlier. Or in another way, that is enough with double click (double click) on the backup file earlier, the registry file will automatically be restored (restored) – The condition is when you execute this file with administrator level.

Maybe that’s all for a short tutorial on how to backup and restore registry files on this occasion. Hopefully useful and can help you to backup registry files. GREETINGS WINDOTEN.