How to grow Mint-Pudina at home

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Always buying mint from market ….?? and sometimes not finding at all..?? why don’t think of growing at home by yourself??

Growing mint at home is very easy and takes very less effort. Whether u have back yard or not doesn’t matter…you can grow it in your balcony though it is small…

Just get a small pot with soil and plant the the good stems ( 2 or more) from your bunch of mint, after taking the leaves or with leaves..

Make sure the pot is moist ,by giving little water daily. After a week , you will notice it growing its own roots and new leaves as well.

Once the mint plant picks up will grow like anything..

If you plant it on ground it will occupy as far as it can see.. coz the roots are incredibly invasive.
So while planting it on the ground..take big pot and plant it in the pot first and then plant the pot in the ground.

Try to place the plant where it can receive some sun light..

Have tried with mint seeds but no luck..