How To Install Ceiling Fan?

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Installing or wiring a fan is very easy, you don’t need to call electrician. Here, a illustrated circuit diagram of wiring of ceiling fan is given and this diagram is for single phase 220V AC. The SPST switch is use for turn ON or OFF the fan and the regulator is use for control the speed for fan. Here, you have to keep in mind is that the SPST switch and regulator must be connected with phase not the neutral wire. 

You have to connect the capacitor phase and white or blue wire that comes from fan. Do not connect the capacitor with neutral. Sometimes you may have faced the question like this.

-Why ceiling fan rotating in reverse?

-What makes a ceiling fan run backwards?

The answer of both the question is same, if you have connected capacitor with running winding/main coil instead of starting winding/auxiliary coil then the direction of fan rotation will be changed.

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