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How to Install Driver CH340G for Arduino/Due UNO

Board DUE UNO R3
Hi duino friends, some time ago we created a cloned Arduino series called DUE UNO R3. This DUE UNO board is a clone of Arduino UNO in general, the functions and uses are the same only with Arduino, it’s just that there are some striking differences between the DUE UNO board and Arduino UNO. The difference lies in the USB driver used on the DUE UNO board using the CH340G chip while the Arduino UNO board uses the Atmega 16u2 chip. Why is it different? of course for us the price of the ch340g chip is cheaper and easier to find when compared to the ATmega 16u2 chip which is difficult and expensive. Is there a different way to upload programs from the Arduino IDE sketch software to the DUE UNO board? Of course the answer from us is the same only with the usual arduino. Things that new Arduino users need to understand, you can see tutorials/how to use Arduino via YouTube access/related articles.
How to use cloned arduino board that uses TTL CH340G chip? please follow the following methods. To solve the problem of not reading the CH340G Port on the Arduino IDE software, we must first install the CH340G USB Driver. Please download the ch340g driver here.
If it has been downloaded, then extract the .rar file and click file SETUP.
SETUP display
If the display appears as shown above, the next step click install (Make sure beforehand that the cloned Arduino/Due Uno board is connected via the laptop’s usb port).
Display driver has been installed
Now your USB driver has been installed. Sometimes there is no specific identity regarding the port naming in the Arduino IDE software, for that the thing that must be ensured is to check which one CH340G port ports which has been installed via DEVICE MANAGER. Then select the port section.
Display com port ch340g
DUE UNO R3 board shopping link here.

Good luck, and hopefully with this tutorial, you can contribute how to install the ch340g driver for those of you who are still beginners learning Arduino. Don’t forget to continue to support the electronic duino blog by registering yourself via the email we have provided. Don’t forget to share, comment on this blog if you still have problems failing to install the ch340g driver.

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